Tools and Appliances Every Modern Kitchen Needs to Meet the Demands of Home Chefs

Last updated on September 21, 2023

Since the pandemic first began, eating out at restaurants has become rare. Instead, previously inexperienced cooks have been transformed into home chefs. While it is entirely possible to cook with very basic tools and appliances, it is inconvenient.

The introduction of modern tools and appliances to your kitchen is not only a great way of improving your performance as a chef but also of making cooking much less stressful.

Let’s break down and explore what some of the world’s most popular tools and appliances are among home chefs so that you can go out and pick them up for your house.

Cooking Knives

cooking knife

If you take cooking seriously, then you need to invest in well-made, quality cooking knives. According to the knife specialists from IMARKU knives, every home cook needs three knives: a bread knife, a chef’s knife, and a paring knife. If you don’t have the money to go out and buy a full knife set, then at the very least make sure that you get these three knives. With them, you will be able to prepare more or less every dish. It is a lot more convenient to have multiple knives on hand, however.

Make sure that any knife you buy for your kitchen is made from quality materials, such as Damascus steel. Try to avoid buying knives that are crafted from poor materials, because they tend to deteriorate and degrade quicker.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are a great investment. Not only can smart appliances make cooking easier, but they actually allow you to automate certain elements of the cooking process. For example, smart microwaves and ovens can be activated using mobile applications, meaning that you don’t have to be in the house to get your food heated. This is great if you are reheating food in your absence, such as for your children’s dinner – or your own. Here are some of the best and most useful smart appliances that you should consider investing in for your kitchen:

Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators have become very popular with homeowners and homebuyers. The reason for this is that they have some very handy features, such as temperature control and ice production. These features can be controlled remotely, as with smart ovens. You can have your fridge produce some ice for you even if you aren’t in the house. You are also able to check and maintain your refrigerator’s temperature from 1,000 miles away – or more. Smart refrigerators have many other features, depending on the brand and manufacturer. Make sure to do your research before buying, so that you can find one that has the features most desirable to you personally.

Smart Oven

Smart ovens, as already mentioned, have some very handy and useful features, including automation and pre-programming. It’s entirely possible to program these appliances to cook the food long in advance, also. You can set them for a specific time so that they turn on and begin pre-heating and cooking. If you have children at home, this allows you to have your children put their food in from the refrigerator, and have it cooked automatically in your absence. This is great if you work away from home or are going away on vacation.

Other smart appliances that are worth considering include:

  • Smart blenders can be operated remotely and automated.
  • Smart microwaves have many of the same features as smart ovens.
  • Smart lighting, which is not necessarily a kitchen appliance, still compliments the other appliances listed here too.

Pressure Cooker

If you enjoy cooking, then you definitely need to invest in a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers can be expensive but are a very useful appliance to own. In addition to buying a pressure cooker, you may also want to buy a slow cooker. Slow cookers are just as useful as pressure cookers. It’s entirely possible to buy cooker devices that have both slow cooking and pressure cooking features, so if you are on a budget then this is something to consider. Pressure cookers allow you to cook a variety of different dishes – and like the smart appliances mentioned here – can be automated.

Other Useful Tools

  • Automated pan stirrers are extremely useful, allowing you to do other things instead of having to watch the pot and stir its contents.
  • Jar openers are also very useful, making the process of opening jars significantly easier.
  • Portable grills allow you to cook a number of different dishes on the go.

Cooking is a great way to burn stress, have fun, and prepare delicious food. There is no need to go out to restaurants when you have a kitchen filled with handy appliances.

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