20 Airbnb Accent Wall Ideas: Transform Your Rental Space

Last updated on June 5, 2024

Explore these inventive Airbnb accent wall ideas because they provide an effective way to transform the character of an interior space effortlessly.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Accent walls are not just a design trend but a strategically impactful aesthetic tool that can define your Airbnb’s personality. Given space plays an intimate part in creating memorable experiences, why settle for the same-old? Sure, Pinterest is chock-full of inspiration, and we respect the tried and true. However, isn’t it exhilarating to dip your toe in the pool of the unexpected?

Brace yourselves! This article brings a curveball of vibrant, quirky, and stand-out accent wall ideas that haven’t been widely explored yet. Fear not of stepping into this minefield of creativity, we have got you covered with resources to even the most known ideas. Our excursion aims for fresh, untapped angles to make your space not only stand out on Airbnb listings but truly feel unique. Let’s embark on this journey to discover transformative accent wall ideas!

Bohemian Wall Hanging

bohemian wall hanging

Bohemian wall hangings reign supreme when it comes to adding a unique, free-spirited vibe to any living space. Traditionally crafted in a myriad of materials such as fibers, beads, and feathers, these creations can be customized to your preference.

For a warm, earthy look, opt for hand-woven wall hangings in colors like rich terracotta, sage green, and off-white. These will beautifully offset neutral walls and hardwood furnishings.

Alternatively, bold patterns featuring vibrant hues of pink, yellow, blue, and gold will infuse an energetic, eclectic feel. They add a touch of exotic allure and can become the focal point of the room.

In terms of materials, don’t be afraid to experiment. Faux fur and feathers lend a touch of whimsy, while macramé provides a touch of sophistication and dimension. Beaded hangings bring a pop of texture and shine that adds to the visual interest.

Lastly, while considering the size and shape of the wall hanging, allow it to complement and not overpower your room. Remember, experimenting with a bohemian theme enables personal expression in the most artistic way. So, don’t shy away from playing with various shapes, sizes, or even creating a stunning wall tapestry collage.

Rustic Brick Finish

rustic brick finish

A rustic brick finish breathes warmth and history into your room. Exposed brick walls have been a long-loved trend for their solid and rugged charm. In an Airbnb, such an accent wall serves as a beautiful backdrop for guests while subtly communicating a homey, lived-in feel.

Consider utilizing either real bricks or brick veneer for this project. Real bricks require extensive work but afford authenticity. Brick veneer, on the other hand, makes the process easier, offering a similar aesthetic at a fraction of the cost.

Play around with colors. Traditional red bricks are classic, but white, grey, or brown painted brick can add a unique twist. Achieving the perfect rustic brick finish involves clever manipulation of tones to achieve an aged effect.

Lighting plays a crucial role in highlighting the texture of the brick– choose fixtures that cast shadows to maximize the aesthetic appeal. Choose appropriate decor items, such as industrial-style fixtures or vintage posters, that won’t compete but enhance the raw beauty of the bricks.

Remember, a rustic brick finish works best in spaces where it can stand out, such as focal walls in the living room or bedroom. Finally, keep the rest of the room simple and let the accent wall be the star of the show.

Timeless Black and White Stripes

timeless black and white stripes

A harmonious blend of sophistication and simplicity, this design style never goes out of fashion. Applying evenly-spaced, vertical stripes can create an illusion of a higher ceiling, adding a light and airy feel to the room.

On the other hand, horizontal stripes can visually expand a smaller space, providing an overall larger ambiance.

Using matte black and glossy white paint can offer an interesting play on textures, adding depth to the wall. For a dramatic effect, use wider stripes, while for a more subtle and refined look, narrow stripes are more suitable. For the ultimate contemporary aesthetic, you can even consider a black wall with thin white stripes.

Remember that this design works best when the rest of the room’s decor is kept minimalistic. Overwhelming patterns or too many colors in the vicinity can distract from the accent wall. Hence, neutral or monochromatic furniture and decor pieces work exceptionally well with this unique design.

Floral Accent Wall

floral accent wall

Flowers, with their vast array of shapes, sizes, and hues, can provide a visually stunning focal point. This style works exceptionally well in airy, light-filled spaces. To create this look, consider large-scale floral wallpapers with bright, bold patterns. Alternatively, you can go for an artistic watercolor effect if you prefer a subtler approach.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose Colors Wisely: Remember, the colors of the flowers on your wall should complement the room’s overall color scheme.
  • Floral Wallpaper: Available in removable or permanent options. Removable versions are perfect for those wanting to keep up with changing interior trends.
  • Custom Hand-Painted Murals: If you have some artistic talent, or if budget permits, a tailor-made mural can add a personal touch to the space.
  • Flower Photography Prints: For a more modern spin, opt for large-scale photography prints of flowers.
  • Consider Room Lighting: The lighting in your space plays a pivotal role in how the floral print is perceived. Brighter rooms tend to bring out the vibrant colors in your floral patterns, while dimmer spaces can encourage attention to detail in the design.

Remember, whether you’re embracing bright blossoms or a muted meadow, the outcome largely depends on your color choice and scale of the chosen floral patterns. Experiment with different options to find the one that best suits your style and the ambiance you aim to create.

Accent Wall With Old Maps

accent wall with old maps

A captivating option for globetrotters and history buffs alike, this design infuses your space with a sense of adventure. You can repurpose vintage maps or find high-quality replicas to cover an entire wall. The result is an educational, nostalgic backdrop in any room.

1. Selection: Choose maps that carry personal significance – your hometown, or your favorite vacation destinations.

2. Panoramic Effect: For larger walls, consider using world maps for a comprehensive, panoramic effect.

3. Combining Maps: You can mix and match different maps – city maps, country maps, or even thematic ones like nautical charts.

4. Framing: For a more uniform look, frame each map before hanging it on the wall.

5. Durability: Coat the surface with a clear finish layer to enhance longevity.

6. Coordinate: Match wall colors and furnishings, as a map wall opens up endless complementary color palettes.

Remember, the magic lies in the details. While implementing, ensure to align maps perfectly for an uninterrupted, visually pleasing view.

Metal Decor Accent Wall

metal decor accent wall

Choosing high-quality pieces of metal wall art is key in the creation of an inviting atmosphere. These artworks come in large variety; they can vary from abstract geometric forms to detailed nature-inspired designs, reflecting your tastes and personal style.

For a modern twist, consider picking up industrial style pieces. Attention should be given to tonal values of your metal decor; a brass or gold hue can warm up a room while silver or stainless steel can bring a cooler, sharper contrast.

Large statement pieces work well when guests’ viewing distance can be moderated, on a wall across a spacious living room, for example. For smaller walls or narrow corridors, a collection of smaller pieces arranged in pattern will deliver similar visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Hanging these pieces can be accomplished with standard picture hanging equipment, but, as metal wall art tends to be heavier, make sure the wall and the fixtures can bear the weight safely.

3D Panels for a Modern Look

3d panels for a modern look

3D panels offer a modern aesthetic that is both attractive and versatile. They come in various materials, including gypsum, MDF, leather, and plastic providers. Keep these key points in mind:

  • Design variety: From geometric shapes to wave designs, the options are diverse.
  • Versatile colours: Panels can be painted any colour to match the interior.
  • Easy installation: Most come as tiles for quick application.
  • Enhanced acoustics: They can increase sound insulation, a bonus for music lovers or those seeking peace and quiet.
  • Add dimension: 3D panels create visual depth, making spaces appear larger.
  • Low maintenance: Most 3D panels are easy to clean and maintain.

Remember, while panels offer a striking, modern feel, they should complement other decor elements for a balanced look.

Retro Wallpaper Prints

retro wallpaper prints

Lending a vintage touch, retro wallpaper prints offer both flexibility and charm. They truly shine in spaces where a bold, visual impact is desired. The variety in patterns, from geometric to floral, empowers you to infuse spaces with personality and character.

Here are some points to consider when opting for this stylish route:

  • Harmony: Ensure a balance between the wallpaper and the other elements of your room. An excessively busy print can overwhelm neutral furniture.
  • Colors: Choose tones that echo the overall color palette for a cohesive look. Remember, light hues can open up a room, while dark tones bring a sense of cozy intimacy.
  • Quality: Pick wallpaper that is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to fading. The longevity of your accent wall greatly depends on this.
  • Scale: The size of the print should resonate with the room size. Large prints can overpower a small room and small prints may get lost in a large area.

Incorporating retro wallpaper prints not only adds visual texture, but also brings an element of nostalgic charm to any Airbnb space.

Scandinavian Style White Wood Panel

scandinavian style white wood panel

At the heart of this design lies the principle of minimalism – neat lines, a balanced aesthetic, and a calming and cozy atmosphere brought together by the simplicity and functionality of Nordic countries.

Here are a few key points that underpin this style:

  • Minimalistic Approach: Less is more with this design, which avoids unnecessary detailing for a clean, polished feel.
  • Neutral Palette: Predominantly white, merging seamlessly with pale, natural wood tones, a quiet palette inviting calmness and tranquility.
  • Functionality: Every element on the wall should have a purpose, reinforcing the concept of ‘form following function.’
  • Simplicity: Avoid using extravagant design patterns. Instead, try out simple geometric or straight patterns, detailed sparingly for a balanced design.
  • Authenticity: Choose raw or lightly stained wood for the panel to showcase its natural beauty.
  • Light Reflector: The white wood panel creates a bright, airy feel by reflecting natural light around the room offering a spacious illusion.

Remember, Scandinavian style is all about crafting a serene and harmonious space, so enjoy the quiet elegance it imbues.

Textile Art Wall

textile art wall

Utilizing fabrics can instill a sense of warmth and comfort in your Airbnb. From richly dyed tapestry to light and airy macramé, choice of material is key.

1. Set the Mood: Choose textiles that match your desired ambiance, cozy wool for a homely feel or silk for an air of luxury.

2. Experiment with Layers: Macramé wall hangings give depth and dimension by combining knots, fringe, and beads.

3. Color: Use dye techniques like shibori or ikat on cotton or linen fabrics for a pop of color.

4. Frame it: Frame vintage textiles or beautiful pieces of fabric as unique art pieces.

5. Rug on the Wall: Moroccan or Persian rugs can serve as statement pieces displaying intricate designs and patterns.

6. Local Crafts: Support local artists by showcasing their hand-woven textiles, authenticating your Airbnb’s connection to the locale.

7. Maintenance: Ensure your textile art is easy to care for, especially in areas prone to spills and stains.

Textile art walls can transform a space, making your Airbnb a lifetime experience for guests.

Polka Dot Accent Wall

polka dot accent wall

Polka dots offer a fun retro vibe that can breathe life into any room. While seemingly simple, there are numerous ways to incorporate this design motif to make your accent wall pop.

1. Size variation: Consider using different sized dots for a dynamic, visually engaging pattern.

2. Color contrast: Make your polka dots stand out by using colors that contrast with the base paint.

3. Stencils and decals: These are easy tools to create uniformly shaped polka dots; perfect for those who love DIY projects.

4. Symmetry and spacing: Alter the distance and arrangement of the dots to create different visual rhythms. Can be orderly or random depending on your personal aesthetic.

5. Metallic dots: Use metallic colors for a more sophisticated feel.

Remember, the process of creating an accent wall is meant to be enjoyed. So let out your artsy side and fall in love with every dot you add to your wall.

Marble Wall Design

marble wall design

Offering an undeniably luxurious appeal, marble walls are a mark of sophistication. They’re perfect for Airbnb hosts who are after a top-notch feel and can be installed as large slabs or smaller tiles depending on your preference.

These walls are incredibly versatile, fitting well in both contemporary and more traditional settings. Light-coloured marble tends to add a spacious and airy feel, whereas darker tones bring a touch of drama and prestige.

Although they might be an investment, marble walls require minimal upkeep. They wipe clean easily, resisting many stains and absorbing less moisture than other materials. This translates into fewer worries about guest-induced wear and tear.

Marble wall designs also boast an element of uniqueness. Given that each piece of marble features its own distinctive pattern, your Airbnb will have an original touch, making it memorable to visitors.

Note, however, that marble walls should ideally accent one area rather than dominating the entire space. Being a strong material, it’s best used sparingly to create a stunning focal point without overwhelming the surroundings.

Consider complementing your marble wall with neutral pallets and minimalist decor to allow its natural beauty to take center stage. Soft lighting will also accentuate its texture, depth, and veining, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Wall of Travel Souvenirs

wall of travel souvenirs

Building this design involves an assemblage of cherished mementos from various explorations, turning an ordinary wall into a live memory lane. This not only personalizes your Airbnb rental but also makes for an intriguing conversation starter.

  • Selection: Start by laying out and categorizing your souvenirs. You want a mixture of sizes, types, colors, and shapes to create visual interest.
  • Layout: Sketch out your vision on paper before attaching anything to the wall. Consider height, width, and overall balance.
  • Attachment: Use compatible and damage-free attachments. For example, Command strips are ideal for light items such as postcards, while heavier objects like masks or instruments may require more sturdy hanging options.
  • Storytelling: Aim to have each piece tell a story. This not only enhances the look but also creates a deeper connection with the viewer.

Remember, it’s not just about the physical souvenirs but also the stories they harbor, making your Airbnb space unique and exciting.

Vertical Garden Accent Wall

vertical garden accent wall

A vertical garden can infuse life into any space, especially Airbnb rentals that aim to offer a unique atmosphere. Making use of available wall space, the garden grows upward, lending an air of freshness and tranquility.

Here are a few key aspects to consider:

  • Plant Selection: Opt for plants that thrive in the light conditions of the given room. Choose a mix of ferns, pothos, and spider plants for variety.
  • Wall Protection: Protect the wall from potential water damage with a waterproofing layer before installing the vertical garden.
  • Irrigation and Drainage: Ensure there’s a proper system to supply water and a clear path for excess water to escape, avoiding water-soaked walls.
  • Maintenance: Vertical gardens need regular care – watering, fertilising, pruning. Use low-maintenance plants for easier care.
  • Design: Remember to include the design aspect. Play around with plant placement, species, color, and textures for visual appeal.

Set up correctly, a vertical garden accent wall can be a stunning, nature-infused focal point that’s not only beautiful but refreshes the air for guests.

Ceiling to Floor Bookcase

ceiling to floor bookcase

Transforming an entire wall into a bookcase not only provides ample space for a vast collection of books but also creates a dramatic visual impact. This approach, cherished by book lovers, lends sophistication to any room while reflecting a cozy, intellectual vibe.

The key to pulling off this design is balance. Choose a bookcase design that complements the existing décor style, whether it’s modern, traditional or rustic. For a seamless look, the bookcase should blend as an accent wall, rather than clash or overpower.

Incorporate color coding or thematic arrangement for the books, making it both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Remember, emptiness is not the enemy – leaving some space helps to avoid a cluttered look.

To further enhance the appeal, artfully place a variety of décor pieces among the books. Displaying art, small sculptures, and photo frames can provide a personal, intimate feel. Dimmable built-in lighting is an optional addition to highlight special items and make night-time reading more convenient.

Maintenance might seem overwhelming, but with the right organization and regular dusting, keeping your bookcase in top shape can be uncomplicated. While this may be a more significant undertaking than a simple paint job or patterned wallpaper, the payoff of a ceiling to floor bookcase accent wall is a one-of-a-kind statement that leaves guests in awe.

DIY String Art Wall

diy string art wall

This creative option gives a unique, personalized touch to an Airbnb space. It allows hosts to craft their designs, which can range from geometric patterns to simple words or intricate shapes.

Key Points:

  • Materials: You’ll need a wooden board, nails, a hammer, and string. Consider the choice of string color that complements the general color scheme.
  • Planning: Sketch your design onto the wood first. This provides a guide for nail placement. Ensure the nails are spaced evenly for accurate results.
  • Technique: After outlining with nails, thread the string from one nail to another to fill your design.
  • Versatility: As your skills improve, try 3D designs, gradients with various string colors, or mixing string with other materials like wool or ribbon for a textured effect.
  • Placement: Install the finished piece strategically for maximum aesthetic appeal. The focal wall, bed headboard, or above the mantle are ideal spaces.

Keep in mind, this décor element also doubles as a conversation starter for guests. Plus, it’s an economical way to up the ante on interior accents!

Exotic Jewel Tone Wall

exotic jewel tone wall

Drawing inspiration from opulent gemstones, the exotic look is marked by rich, saturated hues. Think of peacock blue, deep emerald green, or lush amethyst purple that bring an element of luxurious depth. This color palette beautifully pairs with gilded accessories or metallic finishes for a regal touch.

Key Points:

  • Selection: Start by selecting one or two dominant jewel tones, ideally deep and rich in color.
  • Balance: Break up the intensity by injecting neutral shades. Golden tones work well.
  • Accessories: Metallic or mirrored accents, velvety textures contribute to the luxe feel.
  • Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to play with pattern mixtures. Chevron or Ikat patterns can add visual interest.
  • Lighting: Opt for warm, ambient lighting to enhance the richness of the jewel tones.

Light-Up Wall Art

light up wall art

Illuminated decoration introduces a playful element of surprise. With LED lights incorporated into a canvas painting or behind a sculptural piece, your wall becomes a visual spectacle when the sun goes down. Decide on an abstract light pattern for an avant-garde vibe, or select a sign, symbol, or words for a more personalized impression.

Fairy lights draped around a mirror or photograph can create a soft, romantic atmosphere. Alternatively, neon signs are becoming increasingly popular, featuring motivational phrases or cute shapes. These serve a dual purpose – offering a necessary lighting solution and an impressive focal point.

Remember, this type of decoration needs careful planning as it requires an easily accessible power source to keep the lights glowing.

Opt for LED lights as they have a longer lifespan and save energy. Light-up wall art doesn’t necessitate a large investment, myriad DIY options are available to craft a unique piece all on your own.

Quirky Wall of Frames

quirky wall of frames

To create this distinctive decor, you’ll need an assortment of frames in varying sizes, styles, and colors. An eclectic look is key here.

Artwork, family photos, inspirational quotes, or even vintage prints can be used to fill the frames. There are no rules except one: stay creative. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and your guests will enjoy.

Hang your frames symmetrically for a more formal look or asymmetrically for a playful, modern vibe. By playing around with the layout before hanging, you can design the perfect balance for your accent wall.

Incorporating this arrangement breathes unique charm in any Airbnb, transforming the space into a memorable experience.

Antique Mirror Accent Wall

antique mirror accent wall

A fascinating way to inject sophistication and light into a room, antique mirror accent walls boast rich elegance. Here’s how this stunning design principle stands out:

1. Light Refraction: Owing to reflective properties, antique mirrors make a small space appear bigger while also illuminating dimly lit areas.

2. Artful Presentation: Beyond their practicality, these mirrors often come adorned with intricate designs, infusing personality and artistic flair.

3. Vintage Charm: Unlike regular mirrors, antique ones lend a sense of history and charm, offering a unique story to the room’s decor.

4. Design Flexibility: Regardless of the overall theme, whether modern, Scandinavian, or minimalist, these mirror walls seamlessly blend in, reinforcing the existing design narrative.

5. Easy Maintenance: Despite their luxurious appearance, antique mirror accent walls require little upkeep. Regular wiping with a soft cloth maintains their sheen.

Remember, the goal is to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, making your Airbnb a comfortable, memorable home for guests.

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