20 Airbnb Decorating Ideas for Creating a Home Away

Last updated on May 22, 2024

Transform your Airbnb into a dreamy getaway with these decorating ideas, curated by a seasoned home decorator.

There’s something special about decorating an Airbnb property. It’s not just about creating a beautiful space – it’s about creating an experience for your guests.

As someone who has both hosted and stayed in Airbnb properties, I know firsthand how important it is to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that makes guests feel at home.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 20 ideas for decorating your Airbnb property that will help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests. From cozy lighting to thoughtful amenities, these tips will help you take your hosting game to the next level.

So whether you’re a new host looking to make a great first impression or a seasoned pro looking for some fresh ideas, read on for some inspiration!

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is a popular choice for Airbnb decorating. It’s all about creating a relaxed and eclectic atmosphere that feels welcoming to guests.

To achieve this look, mix and match patterns, textures, and colors in your decor choices. Think vintage rugs layered on top of each other, colorful throw pillows on the sofa or bed, macrame wall hangings adorning the walls.

Incorporate natural elements like plants or woven baskets to add an earthy feel to space. Don’t be afraid of bold prints or bright hues; they can add personality and vibrancy to any room.

When it comes to furniture pieces in bohemian style decorating think low-slung sofas with lots of cushions for lounging around comfortably while reading books from your collection displayed on open shelves.

Overall Bohemian style is perfect if you want your Airbnb rental property decorated with unique items that will make guests feel at home away from home!

Minimalist Design

Minimalist design

Minimalist design is a popular choice for decorating. This style focuses on simplicity and functionality, making it perfect for small spaces.

To achieve this look, stick to neutral colors such as white or beige and limit the number of decorative items in each room. Choose furniture with clean lines and avoid cluttering surfaces with unnecessary objects.

A minimalist approach can create a calming atmosphere that guests will appreciate during their stay at your Airbnb property.

Local Artwork Display

Artwork display

One of the best ways to add character and charm to your rental is by displaying local artwork. This not only supports local artists but also gives guests a taste of the culture and history of the area they are visiting.

You can display paintings, sculptures, or even photographs that showcase iconic landmarks or natural beauty in your city or town.

To make it more interesting, you can create a gallery wall with different pieces from various artists. Mix and match styles for an eclectic look that will surely impress your guests.

If you’re unsure where to find local art pieces, check out galleries in nearby towns or cities as well as online marketplaces like Etsy.

Themed Rooms

 Urban loft-style bedroom

Themed rooms are a great way to add personality and character to your space. Whether it’s a beach-themed room or an urban loft-inspired space, themed rooms can transport guests into another world.

When creating a themed room, consider the colors, textures, and decor that will bring the theme to life. For example, if you’re going for a beach theme in one of your bedrooms or living spaces, incorporate shades of blue and green with seashell accents on shelves or walls.

You could also add some nautical elements like ropes or anchors as decorative pieces around the room.

Another popular option is creating an urban loft-style bedroom with exposed brick walls and industrial lighting fixtures paired with modern furniture pieces such as metal bed frames or sleek dressers.

Themed rooms allow you to get creative while providing guests with an immersive experience they won’t forget!

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are a great way to add life and color to any Airbnb space. Not only do they purify the air, but they also create a calming atmosphere for guests.

When choosing indoor plants, consider the lighting in your space and choose plants that thrive in low-light or bright areas accordingly. Some popular indoor plant options include snake plants, pothos, spider plants, and succulents.

You can display them on shelves or tables throughout your home for an added touch of greenery that will make guests feel more at ease during their stay. Just be sure to provide instructions on how often each plant needs watering so that guests can keep them healthy during their visit!

Cozy Lighting

Cozy lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambiance for your guests. Cozy lighting can make any space feel warm and inviting, especially during the colder months.

Consider using soft, warm-toned bulbs or string lights to create a cozy atmosphere in your rental property.

Table lamps with fabric shades are also great options for adding warmth and coziness to bedrooms or living rooms. You could even add dimmer switches so that guests can adjust the lighting according to their preferences.

Another idea is to use candles strategically placed around the room – they not only provide gentle light but also add an element of relaxation and comfort. Just be sure that you have fire safety measures in place before allowing guests access to lit candles.

Incorporating cozy lighting into your Airbnb decorating scheme will help ensure that your guests feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their stay!

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture is a great way to add character and charm to your rental. Whether you’re going for a retro vibe or want to mix old with new, incorporating vintage pieces can make your guests feel like they’ve stepped back in time.

Look for unique finds at flea markets, antique shops or online marketplaces such as Etsy. A vintage sofa or armchair can be the perfect statement piece in a living room while an antique dresser can serve as both storage and decor in a bedroom.

Just be sure that any vintage items are still functional and safe for use before placing them in your rental space!

DIY Wall Decor

Do it yourself

DIY wall decor is a great way to add personality and character to your Airbnb space. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also allows you to showcase your creativity and style.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to DIY wall decor, from creating a gallery wall with family photos or artwork, using washi tape or stencils for geometric patterns on the walls, hanging macrame plant holders or weaving dreamcatchers as statement pieces. You can even repurpose old items like vintage frames into unique mirrors or chalkboards that guests will love! The key is finding inspiration online and making sure the DIY project fits in with the overall theme of your Airbnb space.

Colorful Accents

Colorful accents

Colorful accents can add a pop of personality to any space. Whether it’s through throw pillows, curtains, or decorative objects, incorporating bright and bold colors can make your rental feel more inviting and lively.

Consider using accent colors that complement the overall color scheme of the room for a cohesive look. For example, if you have neutral walls and furniture in your living room, adding colorful accent pillows in shades of blue or green can create a calming atmosphere while still injecting some fun into the space.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns either – just make sure they share at least one common color for balance. With colorful accents strategically placed throughout your Airbnb rental property, guests will feel right at home amidst all the vibrant hues!

Outdoor Seating Area

Outdoor seating

Outdoor seating areas are a must-have for any property. They provide guests with an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings while relaxing in comfort.

When designing your outdoor seating area, consider using weather-resistant furniture that can withstand different seasons and climates. You can also add some colorful throw pillows or cushions to make the space more inviting.

To create a cozy atmosphere, you may want to incorporate string lights or lanterns around the seating area. This will not only add ambiance but also provide enough light for guests who want to spend time outside at night.

If you have limited space, consider using foldable chairs or benches that can be easily stored away when not in use. Alternatively, if you have ample outdoor space available, try creating multiple sitting areas with different themes such as a picnic-style table setting or lounge chairs by the poolside.

An outdoor seating area is an excellent addition that will enhance your guest’s experience during their stay at your Airbnb property!

Multipurpose Spaces

Multipurpose space

It’s important to make the most of every inch of space. One way to do this is by creating multipurpose spaces that can serve more than one function.

For example, a living room can also double as a workspace with the addition of a desk and chair. A dining area can be transformed into an entertainment zone with the installation of a projector or TV screen.

Another idea is to use furniture that has multiple uses such as storage ottomans or sofa beds for extra sleeping arrangements. This not only saves space but also adds functionality and convenience for guests.

By incorporating multipurpose spaces in your Airbnb decor, you’ll be able to provide your guests with everything they need without sacrificing style or comfort.

Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage

One of the biggest challenges in decorating an Airbnb is finding enough storage space for guests to keep their belongings organized. However, with some clever planning and creative thinking, you can maximize every inch of your rental property and provide ample storage options for your guests.

Consider investing in multi-functional furniture pieces such as ottomans or benches that double as hidden storage compartments. You could also install floating shelves on walls to display decorative items while freeing up floor space.

Another great idea is to use under-bed drawers or bed risers with built-in compartments that allow guests to store their luggage out of sight. Adding hooks behind doors or using over-the-door organizers can help keep small items like hats and scarves tidy.

By incorporating these smart storage solutions into your Airbnb decor, you’ll not only create a more functional living space but also enhance the overall guest experience by providing them with a clutter-free environment where they can relax and unwind during their stay.

Eco-friendly Materials

Eco friendly environment

Eco-friendly materials are a great way to decorate your Airbnb while also being kind to the environment. Consider using sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood for furniture and decor items.

Opt for organic cotton bedding and towels instead of synthetic fabrics. Use natural cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals to keep your space clean without harming the planet.

You can incorporate plants into your decor scheme not only because they look beautiful but also because they help purify the air in your home naturally. You can even create a small herb garden in pots on windowsills or balconies so guests can enjoy fresh herbs during their stay.

By choosing eco-friendly materials when decorating an Airbnb property, you’re not only creating an inviting space for guests but also contributing towards a more sustainable future!

Cultural Elements

Traditional artwork

Cultural elements can add a unique touch. Consider incorporating items such as traditional textiles, pottery, or artwork from the local area.

For example, if you are renting out a space in Mexico City, you could display colorful woven blankets and hand-painted Talavera tiles on the walls. If your rental is located near an indigenous community in Canada or Alaska, consider showcasing their art and crafts like carvings made of wood or soapstone.

These cultural elements not only add character to your space but also provide guests with an opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. It’s important to be respectful when using these items by researching their significance beforehand and displaying them appropriately within the decor scheme of the room.

By adding cultural elements into your Airbnb decorating ideas list for each property that reflects its location will make it more memorable for guests who want an authentic experience while traveling away from home!

Rustic Charm

Rustic charm

Rustic charm is a popular decorating style for rentals, as it creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that guests will love. To achieve this look, incorporate natural materials like wood and stone into your decor.

Consider adding wooden beams to the ceiling or installing a stone fireplace in the living room. You can also use vintage or distressed furniture pieces to add character to your space.

A rustic color palette typically includes warm earth tones such as brown, beige, and green which can be incorporated through textiles like rugs and throw pillows. Don’t forget about lighting – choose fixtures with an antique finish or opt for candles in lanterns for an extra touch of coziness at night!

Fun Board Games Corner

Games Corner

A fun board games corner can be a great addition to your space. It’s an excellent way for guests to unwind and spend quality time with their friends or family.

You can set up a small table with some classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chess. Alternatively, you could also include some lesser-known but equally entertaining options such as Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride.

Make sure the area is well-lit and comfortable enough for guests to sit around for extended periods while playing the game. Consider adding some throw pillows on chairs or bean bags on the floor so that everyone feels relaxed while they play.

A fun board games corner will not only provide entertainment but also create lasting memories of their stay at your Airbnb property!

Luxurious Bedding

Luxurious bedding

One of the most important aspects of an Airbnb stay is a comfortable bed. Guests want to feel like they are sleeping on clouds, and luxurious bedding can help achieve that feeling.

Invest in high-quality sheets with a high thread count, soft duvets or comforters, fluffy pillows and cozy blankets. Consider adding decorative throw pillows for an extra touch of elegance.

Neutral colors such as white or beige create a clean and sophisticated look while bold colors can add personality to the room’s decor scheme.

To take it up another notch, consider using silk pillowcases which not only look luxurious but also have benefits for hair and skin health by reducing friction during sleep time.

Luxurious bedding will make your guests feel pampered during their stay at your Airbnb property!

Personalized Welcome Sign

Personalized sign

A personalized welcome sign is a great way to make your Airbnb guests feel special and welcomed. You can create a custom sign with the name of your guest or simply write a warm message that greets them upon arrival.

The sign can be placed at the entrance of the property, on the front door, or even in their room. This small touch will not only add to the decor but also show that you have put thought into making their stay as comfortable as possible.

A personalized welcome sign is an easy and affordable way to add charm and personality to any Airbnb rental space!

Upcycled Decorations

Upcycled materials

Upcycling is a great way to add unique and eco-friendly decorations to your Airbnb. Instead of throwing away old items, you can repurpose them into something new and beautiful.

For example, an old ladder can be turned into a bookshelf or towel rack, while mason jars can be transformed into candle holders or vases. Upcycled decorations not only add character to your space but also show guests that you care about sustainability and reducing waste.

So next time you’re thinking about buying new decor for your Airbnb, consider upcycling instead!

Bright, Open-concept Layout

Open concept home

Bright, open-concept layouts are perfect for rentals as they create a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. By removing walls or using furniture to divide spaces instead of solid barriers, you can make the most out of every inch in your rental property.

This design style is especially popular among younger travelers who value socializing and spending time together with their friends or family members while on vacation. To achieve this look, consider using light colors for walls and flooring to reflect natural light throughout the space.

Strategically placed mirrors can help bounce light around the room making it feel even brighter and more inviting!

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