20 Airbnb Wall Decor Ideas for an Aesthetic Stay

Last updated on March 29, 2024

Diversifying Airbnb wall décor invigorates a space because it transforms bare walls into captivating displays that charm guests.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Ready to add a new twist to Airbnb wall decor? This article unveils unique and creative design ideas, poised to transform an ordinary space into an unforgettable experience for each guest.

While there may be no shortage of mainstream suggestions, the goal here is to provide fresh perspectives, offering you innovative ideas from new angles.

Interested? Delve into this informative resource, uncovering the best existing wall decor ideas, along with creatively uncharted ones.

Let’s reinvent the aesthetics of your Airbnb with some unique wall decor.

Vintage Map Display

vintage map display

Embracing the charm of old-world exploration, a vintage map is an excellent way to fill the wall in your Airbnb property. With a wide variety of options available online, you can choose a set of maps that compliments the overall design scheme. For a cohesive look, consider applying color correction to blend it flawlessly with the rest of the interior.

It’s possible to create a unique display by pairing maps of various scales and regions. This grouping can display a sense of global awareness and spark interesting conversations.

Moreover, using archival-quality frames brings an additional sophisticated touch, while protecting these delicate treasures from dust and damage.

Placement is also key. A large wall in the living area or over the bed in the master suite are ideal spots. As a finishing touch, you can wooden hangers at the top and bottom of the maps to maintain a straight display and add a rustic vibe. This wall decor idea instantly injects a sense of adventure and wandering spirit into your space.

Chalkboard Paint Wall

chalkboard paint wall

With its flexibility and tact, the charm of a chalkboard paint wall is unsurpassed. It serves a dual purpose — sprucing up the wall while being a functional element. With just a few steps, you could create a standout feature.

1. Start by selecting a wall. It could be in the kitchen for a grocery list, or the living room for doodling and expressing creativity.

2. Use high-quality chalkboard paint for adequate coverage and easy cleaning.

3. Use painter’s tape to mark off the area, this will ensure neat and precise lines.

4. Apply at least two coats of paint, allowing sufficient drying time between each application.

5. Allow the paint to cure for a couple of days before the first use.

Over time, you’ll find that this wall becomes an ever-changing canvas, a conversation starter, or simply a fun-filled corner that visitors look forward to engaging with. The wall can be customized on the go with messages or artwork, depending on the mood or occasion.

Watercolor Accent Wall

watercolor accent wall

A watercolor accent wall adds a splash of color and creativity without overpowering a room. This technique involves the use of water-based paints, blending different hues or tones to create a distinct look.

1. Choice of Colors: Pick colors that complement the existing decor and color scheme. Bold contrasts can add a dramatic edge, while lighter, softer shades provide a delicate, calming atmosphere.

2. Style: The beauty of watercolor is the flexibility it offers. Allow for color runs and organic merging of shades for an abstract appeal, or choose more structured patterns that seem specifically designed.

3. DIY Considerations: Amateurs can attempt this, but the technique might take some practice. Start on a small portion of the wall before taking on the entire project.

4. Professional Assistance: While getting professional assistance can seem expensive, investing in a well-executed watercolor accent wall will drastically uplift your Airbnb’s aesthetic.

5. Maintenance: These walls are easy to clean. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is usually enough, ensuring your decor stays fresh and appealing for guests.

6. Guest Effect: A unique, skillfully done watercolor wall serves as a conversation starter, potentially leading to higher ratings and recommendations.

Hanging Terrariums

hanging terrariums

Creating a green oasis on your wall is easy with hanging terrariums. This unique décor idea adds life to any space and requires minimal maintenance. Consider using a variety of plant species for visual intrigue, from easy-care succulents to air-purifying ferns.

Remember to go for transparent terrariums so the beauty of the plants within is never obscured. They can be hung at different heights to create a dynamic effect, and consider grouping terrariums together for impactful presentation.

When choosing the plants, consider your Airbnb’s light conditions. Succulents need plenty of light, while snake plants can tolerate a darker corner. The watering routine should be outlined for your guests to prevent plant death due to over-or-under watering. Finally, keep the terrariums dust-free to maintain their elegance.

Want to go the extra mile? Adding fairy lights around or inside the terrariums can provide a magical touch that will enchant your guests!

Bamboo Wall Art

bamboo wall art

Incorporating this deco technique injects a natural, eco-friendly element into your Airbnb. Bamboo panels, either in their natural hue or dyed to match your color palette, can provide a stunning backdrop or focus feature that will leave guests in awe.

Firstly, select your bamboo pieces with care. Consider dimensions, color, and workmanship. The beauty of this material lies in its texture and subtle variations, so perfection is not the goal.

Next, determine where to hang your decoration. Consider a prominent place on the wall, perhaps above a bed or sofa. Ensure the wall can accommodate the weight and size.

Lastly, you could amplify the enchantment of your bamboo art by pairing it with soft, ambient lighting. This helps to enhance the texture, creating both a visual and telluric connection for your guests.

Remember, the application is as versatile as it is striking. It can serve as a traditional wall hanging or be used to create a more substantial element such as a screen or room divider. Maintaining balance in the room’s decor is crucial to prevent the space from feeling cluttered or overpowered.

miniature photo gallery

Creating a distinctive look with a miniature photo gallery involves selecting compact, curated images that evoke memories and showcase diverse aspects of life.

1. Variety: Mix and match different types of photos, such as black and white, colored, landscapes, portraits, or abstract images.

2. Layout: Use templates to organize photos in visually engaging patterns. Staggered rows, spirals, or grid styles work well.

3. Frames: Mini photo frames don’t need to match. Experiment with different colors, styles, and materials to bring an eclectic feel.

4. Alignment: Even with varying frame sizes, aligning an edge of every frame creates a unified look.

5. Customization: Don’t shy away from personalizing your gallery. Postcards, favourite quotes, or artwork can make it truly unique.

6. Spacing: Ensure enough space between the frames. Typically 2-3 inches works well, but this could be more or less depending on your overall design.

7. Lighting: Consider spotlights or fairy lights to enhance visibility and create a soothing ambiance.

Themed Picture Frames

themed picture frames

To create a personal touch and make your space feel cozier, themed picture frames represent an interesting form of wall decor. Different themes can be catered to various types of Airbnb properties. For instance, a seaside-themed Airbnb could utilize frames with a nautical touch – think reclaimed driftwood or seashell accents.

1. Choose Frames to Match Your Theme: If your Airbnb has a rustic farmhouse style, then wooden, distressed frames would work. For more modern decor, sleek metal or acrylic frames may be better. Think about the overall look you desire before selecting your frames.

2. Variety in Sizes: Using frames of varying sizes adds a dynamic element to your display.

3. Organize by Themes: Consider setting separate themes for different rooms. Famous landmarks for the living room, portraits in the bedroom, and perhaps food-themed pictures in the kitchen.

4. Frame Quality: Ensure the frames are durable and secure on the wall. Safety should always take priority especially in rental properties.

5. Think Beyond Photos: Art prints, pressed flowers, or tasteful quotations can also find a home in your themed frames. Let creativity guide your choices.

Remember, the goal is to complement and enhance your existing decor, not overwhelm it.

Modern Tapestry Hanging

modern tapestry hanging

For a unique and modern approach to the wall decor, consider hanging a contemporary tapestry. This versatile design element brings sophisticated warmth, texture, and color into a space. Tapestries can be hung from a dowel, mounted on a canvas, or even placed in an oversized frame for an artistic touch.

1. Variety of Designs: Modern tapestries come in endless designs, from abstract patterns to bohemian motifs, allowing you to express your personal aesthetic while adding visual interest to the room.

2. Easy to Install: With minimal hardware or just a few adhesive strips, you can mount your tapestry without much hassle.

3. Cost-Effective: Large-scale artworks can be pricey, but tapestries provide a budget-friendly way to make a big impact on a large wall space.

4. Flexibility: Unlike permanent decor elements like wallpaper or paint, you can easily change out tapestries with the seasons or on a whim.

5. Sound Dampening: Tapestries can help reduce echo and noise in rooms with high ceilings or hard floors, making them practical and aesthetic.

Using tapestries as wall décor not only adds a personal touch to your Airbnb but also creates a cozy, homely atmosphere for your guests.

Antique Wall Clock Display

antique wall clock display

Dial back time with this classic decor option. An antique wall clock not only adds functional value but also infuses personality and a nostalgic charm into your Airbnb space.

Aim for clocks with detailed carvings or unique elements such as pendulums and Roman numerals for that authentic vintage look.

The clocks may be paired with complementary antique items such as old postcards and vintage photographs for a more cohesive appeal.

Consider the size and theme of your room before deciding on the type and size of the clock.

Large, ornate clocks suit spacious rooms with classic decor, while small, simple clocks fit perfectly into minimalist spaces.

For visual interest, group several smaller clocks together to create a feature wall.

Balance is key when displaying clocks, ensure they are positioned at eye-level to avoid straining guests’ necks.

Finally, don’t overlook the ticking sound; opt for silent clocks to maintain a peaceful environment.

Music Record Display Wall

music record display wall

Dedicating a wall to music records not only embodies a vintage charm, but also allows guests to explore your musical tastes. Records, due to their tactile nature and aesthetic appeal, make an outstanding visual statement.

1. Choose records: Select a variety of records, considering different genres, eras, and album covers to add visual interest. It could be your personal collection or a curated set for diverse appeal.

2. Wall arrangement: Records can be arranged in a grid for a modern look or alternatively, in an abstract pattern for a more dynamic display.

3. Protection: Use record wall mounts or frames to protect these delicate pieces, and ensure each record is securely fastened to counter potential damage.

4. Lighting: Play with light to accentuate the vibrant record covers. Spotlights or LED strip lights add a subtle glow, heightening the ambience.

5. Interactive element: Consider a working record player nearby for guests who wish to immerse themselves in a nostalgic musical charm.

Incorporating a musical record display fosters an atmosphere of shared experiences and nostalgia, cultivating a space that’s truly unique.

Food & Drink Recipe Wall

food amp drink recipe wall

A food and drink recipe wall can add a unique and personalized twist to your Airbnb. Functional and stylish, this type of wall decor invites guests to discover new dishes or classic favorites.

1. Compilation of Recipes: Unearth your favorite drinks and dishes from around the world. Guests would appreciate this culinary globetrotting touch.

2. Handwritten recipe cards, laminated or framed, can add a warm, personal touch that resonates with comfort and home.

3. Vintage Menu or Recipe Book Pages: These serve as fantastic centerpiece art, oozing with charm and nostalgic feelings.

4. Themed Recipe Display: With themes ranging from desserts to cocktails or seasonal dishes, this can tie into the Airbnb’s overall decor or location.

5. Interactive Element: If desired, a chalkboard or whiteboard section allows guests to contribute their own recipes, fostering a sense of community.

Remember, various display mediums can be used from framed pieces to hanging clotheslines or mounting clipboards. This concept allows flexibility and creativity while providing a unique feature that celebrates food, drink, and shared experiences.

LED Signage

led signage

Illuminating the space with LED signage can bring a contemporary vibe to your Airbnb property. Not only are these pieces cool and trendy, but they also serve as a night light, adding a soft glow to the space when the rest of the lights are out.

LED signs come in various sizes and styles. Some popular types include words, animals, and abstract shapes. For a more personal touch, consider a custom-made sign featuring a word or phrase meaningful to your place or your city. These can also be an interactive feature, as some types allow guests to change the colors and modes to fit their mood.

Further, LED signs are energy-efficient, so you won’t have to worry about them racking up the electricity bill. They’re easy to install, most of them requiring only a few screws or heavy-duty adhesive strips, and flexible to rearrange if you decide to switch up the decor down the line.

Whether the rest of your decor is minimalist, industrial, boho, or any other style, an LED sign can seamlessly fit in and add a unique touch that will surely catch your guests’ eyes.

Fabric Swatch Wall Art

fabric swatch wall art

Choosing a variety of complementing fabric swatches can make a striking yet cost-effective visual statement.

Here’s a simple way to get started:

  • Visit local craft or fabric stores for swatches. Choose a variety of textures, colors, and patterns that align with your overall Airbnb decor.
  • Cut the swatches into desirable sizes – squares, rectangles or even circles. The uniformity of shapes can bring consistency within diversity.
  • Frame individual swatches or mount them directly to the wall. For a polished look, use embroidery hoops to hold circular swatches.
  • Arrange them in a way that complements your wall. You can decide on a random or patterned arrangement based on your preference.
  • Pay attention to balance and proportion to ensure that each swatch gets its moment to shine and contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Remember, the beauty of this creative project lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its adaptability. It can be easily modified – swatches can be changed or rearranged according to seasons or moods. This versatility makes it an evergreen decor option, always ready to surprise and invigorate your Airbnb guests.

Wall Mounted Console Table

wall mounted console table

Ideal for narrow spaces, the wall-mounted console table is not only functional but also significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of a room. It’s a perfect spot to showcase travel mementos, design books, scented candles or even small indoor plants.

Here are some quick tips to make the most of this décor idea:

  • Choose a Sleek Design: Opt for slim, minimalist designs for a modern, uncluttered look. Decorative metal or reclaimed wood designs bring an vintage charm.
  • Location Matters: Install the console table at a comfortable height, typically waist level. A hallway, entrance, or even behind a sofa in the living room are perfect spots.
  • Styling: Pair the table with a pop-of-color wall or geometric wallpaper to provide a striking backdrop.
  • Lighting: Add a gorgeous lamp or a string of fairy lights to illuminate the wall and bring life to the display.
  • Multifunctional: Besides decoration, it can serve as an easily accessible place for keys, wallets, chargers etc. making your Airbnb stay a little more convenient for guests.

Remember, less is often more. A well-chosen selection of items displayed on a stylishly designed console table can create a lasting impression on guests.

Burr Wood Wall Panel

burr wood wall panel

This rustic design aesthetic showcases the natural beauty of wood while also imparting a unique character to the space. With an emphasis on raw, untreated texture, it gives your Airbnb a cozy, homelike feel.

Consider these points:

  • Choice of Burr: Each type of wood has its characteristic grain and hue. Oak, walnut, or elm burrs add distinctive charm to your walls.
  • Finish: Depending on your design, a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish can be used to enhance the natural patterns and provide longevity.
  • Panel Placement: Panels can be used to highlight one specific area or an entire wall, depending on the room’s size and lighting.
  • Matching Décor: Complement your wall panel with harmonizing rustic items such as distressed wood furniture, earthen wares, or cowhide rugs for a complete look.
  • Local Craftsmen: Hiring local craftsmen not only ensures authentic work but also helps support the local economy.
  • Sustainability: Burr wood is often sourced from fallen or damaged trees, making this décor option an ecologically conscious choice.

Remember, personal creativity enhances your wall panel’s individuality. With careful planning, you can transform your Airbnb into a rustic retreat with a warm, inviting ambiance.

Wine Cork Wall Design

wine cork wall design

As an unexpectedly chic and sustainable design element, corks serve two purposes: aesthetic appeal and a nod towards eco-friendliness, making them a novel material for decor pieces.

1. Eclectic Feel: A wine cork wall adds a unique texture and a distinct personality to any space, keeping the vibe warm and inviting.

2. DIY Friendly: Creating a wine cork wall is an engaging do-it-yourself project, turning the collection of corks into a design adventure.

3. Conversation Starter: This wall design works as an intriguing focal point, sparking curiosity and conversation among your Airbnb guests.

4. Sustainability: Using wine corks, which may otherwise be wasted, is a fantastic way to promote recycling and resourcefulness.

5. Customizable: The layout, patterns, and overall design can be tailored to your taste, making each wall a unique piece of artwork.

Remember, each cork carries a story of its own – merging these together creates a historical tapestry that adds soul and history to your Airbnb.

Ornamental Skateboard Display

ornamental skateboard display

Skateboards are not merely for transportation; they can also be a wonderful, youthful touch to a living space. Showcasing them on the walls of your Airbnb can captivate guest interest due to their unexpectedly visual appeal. Plus, it represents vibrant and dynamic energy associated with skateboarding culture.

Now, when choosing skateboards, let the design do the talking. Search for boards with intricate artwork, bold colors, or ones having unique pattern. They could be new, or second hand from thrift shops, flea markets, or even skate parks. Skateboards can be displayed in a row, a column, or leaning in a corner.

For mounting, use skateboard wall mounts, they’re easy to install and relatively inexpensive. They hold the board securely while showing off its design. Alternatively, simple shelves or hooks could also work. Ensure the positioning doesn’t obstruct the property’s walkways.

Skateboards are interactive decor elements. Guests can take them down for a closer look, stimulating conversation and engagement. A wall of skateboards can turn a bland wall into a vibrant, artistic showcase.

Pressed Flower Frame Collage

pressed flower frame collage

Featuring a collection of pressed flowers in frames can add a touch of natural beauty and a distinct aesthetic to any Airbnb wall. This versatile wall decor option allows you to make use of a great variety of colorful flowers, leaves, and even herbs.

1. Collection Concept: Envision a unifying theme for your collection, which can be based on color, type, or the season of the flowers.

2. Pressing Process: Invest in a flower press or use heavy books. Dry your chosen foliage for 2-3 weeks until completely flattened and dry.

3. Frame Selection: Choose the frames that enhance your display. Shadow box frames are an excellent option as they provide depth and allow the flowers to take center stage.

4. Arrangement: Create an appealing layout on the wall. This could be symmetrical, based on size, or completely random.

5. Placement: Consider sunlight exposure and temperature changes to maintain the vibrancy of the pressed flowers.

Remember, no two pressed flower frame collages will look the same, making your Airbnb unique and giving it an understated personal touch.

Local Artists’ Illustration Wall

local artists illustration wall

Showcasing the work of local artists is a fantastic way to lend your Airbnb property a unique and personal touch. This immersion into local culture creates a truly memorable and intimate environment. Here are some noteworthy pointers:

1. Select Art: Choose pieces that reflect the local culture or landscape. It could be acrylic paintings, charcoal sketches, or digital art; the choice depends on your overall decor style.

2. Wall Arrangement: Arrange the artwork in a gallery wall format. You might opt for symmetrical or asymmetrical curation based mainly on the wall shape and size.

3. Frame Consistency: Use similar or identical frames for a unified look. Alternatively, mix and match frames to create a more eclectic vibe.

4. Framing Techniques: Utilize professional framing techniques to protect the artwork and enhance its appearance. Include a mount or matting for depth.

5. Lighting: Strategic lighting accentuates the artwork. Consider installing track lighting or picture lights.

6. Artist Collaboration: If possible, collaborate directly with local artists. They can provide insight into their work and might even create a piece specifically for your space.

Incorporating local art is an aesthetic delight and shows support for the community, providing guests with a story to tell about their stay.

Creative Award & Trophy Display

creative award amp trophy display

Exploiting an awards and trophies collection as a unique Airbnb wall décor creates an atmosphere of admirable achievements and success stories. Here are key points to consider:

1. Positioning: Locate a wall clearly seen from shared spaces, like living rooms or dining areas, to spotlight the award display. A wall behind a sofa or over a fireplace mantle is an ideal spot.

2. Arrangement: Instead of uniform rows, try an eclectic, asymmetrical style—place items at different heights and leave space between them to let each piece shine.

3. Lighting: Perfect lighting can dramatize the award presentation. Consider installing spotlights or LED strips that focus light directly on the trophies.

4. Mounting: Use quality mounting to prevent any damage, such as floating shelves or shadow boxes.

5. Variety: Mix up the awards, combining trophies with certificates, medals, plaques, or even artistic memorabilia.

Bear in mind, the showroom-style display should be relevant with your Airbnb’s overall theme and surroundings. This will create a continuous and immersive aesthetic experience for guests.

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