24 Hippie Home Decorating Ideas for a Vibrant Living Space

Last updated on April 15, 2024

Dive into the authentic world of hippie-inspired home decor because transforming your space into a bohemian retreat is far more achievable than you might think.

I’ve designed unique illustrations for these ideas. I hope you get inspired!

Welcome to the world of bohemian-inspired interiors! Hop on this magical ride through inventive spaces reflecting the free-spirited nature of the hippie culture.

While acknowledging the plethora of familiar design concepts readily accessible on the net, this article aims to break new ground with refreshing and unique decorating ideas.

As an added bonus, we’ll compile some of the top existing resources for you to explore at the end.

The focus, however, remains on unveiling fresh perspectives and presenting unexplored angles on the theme.

So, be prepared for an exciting journey through a vibrant mix of colors, patterns, and décor elements that will hopefully leave you brimming with inspiration for your next interior decorating project!

Incorporate Tie-dye Patterns Into Cushions, Blankets, and Curtains

incorporate tie dye patterns into cushions blankets and curtains

Tie-dye, emblematic of the hippie era, never fails to add a striking burst of color to any room. When integrated into cushions, blankets, and curtains, this pattern provides an immediate nostalgic yet vibrant feel.

To begin, select a variety of colors that complement your existing décor. Magentas, teals, and yellows are quintessentially bohemian, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Next, decide whether you wish to tie-dye these items yourself, which can be a fun DIY project, or purchase them pre-dyed. Either way, aim to mix and match—to create a true eclectic hippie vibe, patterns and colors do not need to match perfectly.

Lastly, distribute these tie-dye textiles evenly throughout your space. Drape a blanket over the back of your sofa, scatter cushions across beds and chairs, and let vibrant curtains frame your windows. In moderation, these elements will inject life and soul into your home, creating an authentic hippie ambiance.

Make a Feature Wall With a Boho-style Artwork or Psychedelic Painting

make a feature wall with a boho style artwork or psychedelic painting

Creating a boho-style feature wall can be an exhilarating project. Consider bringing in vibrancy through bold colors and patterns which harmonize with your other decor. Abstract artwork, ethnic prints, or pattern-filled tapestries can instantly add a beguiling boho atmosphere.

If you’re drawn to an edgier vibe, psychedelic painting is a perfect choice. Beyond the classic swirls and spirals, opt for mesmerizing geometric forms, intricate mandalas, or fantastical landscapes. These dynamic visuals radiate positive energy and effortlessly capture the free-spirited essence of the hippie era.

Remember, the feature wall can be a direct reflection of your personality. If you’re artistically inclined, you could even paint it yourself. Artistic expression is a significant part of the hippie movement – channel that energy into your wall art choice for a truly personal touch.

Finally, the balance is key. Keep surrounding decor more subdued to let your wall take center stage and avoid visual clutter. This will result in a room that’s tranquil yet engaging.

Use Reclaimed Wood for Bookshelves, Seating, or Coffee Tables

use reclaimed wood for bookshelves seating or coffee tables

Harnessing the rustic elegance of reclaimed wood can breathe new life into many furniture pieces. Bookshelves built from this material exude a sense of history and organic charm. Consider upcycling wood from old barns or pallets to create your own custom bookshelf that not only holds your literary favorites but also stands as a captivating focal piece.

For a unique twist on home seating, transform reclaimed wood planks into benches sanitized and smoothed to perfection. Placing these in hallways, living areas, or outdoor patios adds an inviting warmth to your space.

As for coffee tables, you can make full use of the distressed textures and grain patterns of reclaimed wood. Embrace the irregularities and imperfections, as they often contribute the most character.

Remember, the beauty of using reclaimed wood is not just in its aesthetics, but also in its sustainability. By repurposing old wood, you’re reducing waste, contributing to resource conservation, and yet creating a bespoke addition to your hippie-inspired home decor.

Get Creative With a DIY Bohemian Mosaic Mirror or Decoration

get creative with a diy bohemian mosaic mirror or decoration

Creating your bohemian mosaic mirror isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need is a plain mirror, a variety of small tiles, and high-strength adhesive.

Start by sketching a random design onto your mirror – remember, the beauty in boho designs lies in the unplanned and unexpected. Then, let the fun begin. Stick your tiles onto the mirror following your design, be patient, this might take a while but the end product would be definitely worth it.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your tiles. Add color, sparkle; Bohemian style encourages bursts of colors and patterns. Mixing glass tiles with ceramic ones can add depth to your creation. Remember, the goal is to create a piece that’s a beautiful reflection (pun intended) of your unique aesthetic.

Also, don’t forget safety. Always wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp tile edges or if you’re cutting to shape. And always let your newly crafted mirror decoration dry thoroughly before hanging, you wouldn’t want tiles falling off as soon as your back is turned! Happy creating!

Try a Bohemian-style Canopy Bed Surrounded By Fairy Lights

try a bohemian style canopy bed surrounded by fairy lights

There are three simple steps to achieving this whimsical and dreamy aesthetic. Firstly, choose a bed with a rectangular or circular frame at the top to support the canopy. Cotton or silk fabrics work excellently for the canopy, giving an airy, easy vibe distinctive of the bohemian style. The colors and patterns you choose depend entirely on your preference, though warmer hues often blend well with other boho elements in the room.

After setting up the canopy, attach fairy lights to the frame, ensuring they dangle around the bed just under the fabric. Opt for warm white lights for a calming, magical ambiance. Remember, safety first – always use LED lights, they stay cool, reducing the risk of fire hazards.

Lastly, throw in some colorful, printed pillows and soft blankets on the bed to complete the look. These additions not only amplify the bohemian charm but also elevate the cozy factor, making your bed an inviting haven. And that’s all! Simple steps to transform your bed into a chic bohemian retreat.

Hang Dream Catchers in Bedrooms or Living Areas for an Authentic Touch

hang dream catchers in bedrooms or living areas for an authentic touch

Dream catchers, originally from Native American cultures, are perfect for bringing in that authentic, earthy charm. Designed to ‘catch’ bad dreams, they hold symbolic and aesthetic value. When incorporating these unique items into your decor style, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, location is key. Hanging over a bed or near a window is traditional and lets these pieces catch the light during the day. Alternatively, a prominent hang in the living room can create a striking focal point. Always ensure they are hung high enough to prevent accidents or damage.

Secondly, dream catchers come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and designs. Be cautious about the size. Depending on the room and wall space, choose a dream catcher that fits neatly without overwhelming other décor elements.

Lastly, consider making your own. The internet is abundant with DIY tutorials. By crafting your own, you can personalize the colors and feathers to truly match your room palette, adding a personal touch to these meaningful items. You would be surprised at how easy they are to make and the enjoyment derived from the process. Plus, it adds a great conversation piece to your space.

Use Vintage Suitcases As Storage Boxes and Decorative Pieces

use vintage suitcases as storage boxes and decorative pieces

Harness the charm of yesteryears by employing vintage suitcases. They can act as functional and aesthetic elements in a hippie-styled home, lending uniqueness and personality.

1. Stack them: Pile up a few different-sized suitcases to serve as an interesting side table, while providing ample storage space.

2. Wall Shelf: Fixing suitcases to the wall can offer a creative twist on traditional shelving units.

3. Coffee Table: A suitcase with flat sides can perfectly function as a quirky coffee table.

4. Nightstand: In the bedroom, a single vintage suitcase can be a unique nightstand.

5. Under-bed storage: Slide suitcases under your bed to keep seasonal clothes or extra linens.

Remember, these suitcases don’t have to match! A mix of styles and periods adds to the eclectic feel that’s inherent in hippie decor. Opt for retro-stickers or decals on the suitcase exteriors for added character.

Try Folk Art Pottery or Ceramics for Decorative and Useful Items

try folk art pottery or ceramics for decorative and useful items

Folk art pottery and ceramics are an excellent addition to the hippie-chic atmosphere. Many pieces, from mugs and bowls to planters and vases, combine unique designs with functionality, enhancing your everyday use items with artistic aesthetic.

One must remember, it’s not about fitting into a specific mold but, rather, embracing the colors, textures, and styles that appeal to you, even if they are a fusion of ‘Various Cultural Motifs’.

From vibrant Mexican Talavera and pottery with Italian or Greek roots, through to Japanese Raku, various inspiration sources can be chosen. Also, handmade and irregular pieces add to their charm reflecting the free-spirited non-conformist attitude deviating from the factory-made ‘perfection’.

Natural, earthy tones of pottery also bring a sense of calm and peace, and when combined with bright or complex designs, they truly showcase the mix of serenity and energy that’s characteristic to the boho/hippie style.

Choose larger pieces as focal points in your rooms, or curate a collection of smaller ones to display on shelves or standalone pedestals. Prioritize on functional yet beautiful pieces such as pitcher vases, coffee mugs, or earthen pots that either serve a purpose or enhance aesthetics.

Go for Freestanding Bathtubs and Natural Stone Sinks in the Bathroom

go for freestanding bathtubs and natural stone sinks in the bathroom

Continuing with the bathroom theme, picture this: A luxurious freestanding tub as the centerpiece, inviting relaxation and rejuvenation. Choose a footed tub for that vintage-style flair, perfect for a chic, bohemian vibe.

Similarly appealing are copper or brass baths which radiate a timeless, rustic charm.

Pair your tub with stunning natural stone sinks, giving a tangible feel of nature right within the confines of your bathroom. These sinks, carved from blocks of stone like granite, marble, onyx, or travertine, are unique pieces.

Each sink has its own color patterns, marks, streaks, and veins, making it an artistic masterpiece in its own right.

Subtly complementing these, use neutral elements such as bamboo mats, driftwood mirrors, and plush cotton towels.

The result? A boho bathroom, eternally stylish and comfortable.

Use a Vibrant Patterned Bohemian Area Rug to Add a Pop of Color

use a vibrant patterned bohemian area rug to add a pop of color

When selecting a Bohemian rug, consider the location and overall room design. Bold, rich colors, such as jewel tones, resonate well with bohemian style. Patterns inspired by Moroccan, Turkish, or Persian traditions suit this perfectly.

Not only do these rugs provide a foundation for your room, but they also add warmth and coziness. Mix and match patterns and colors but keep a sense of harmony in the room. If your room decor leans toward neutral, introducing a vibrant rug can create an exciting contrast.

Think about the rug’s shape and size too. These elements can also play into the overall sense of the room – for example, a circular rug can soften a room with many straight lines.

Remember, every piece in a bohemian room tells a story. The rug is another opportunity for you to express your personal style and journey.

Go for Bead or Shell Curtains for Doorways or Windows

go for bead or shell curtains for doorways or windows

Fulfilling the vision of a hippie home wouldn’t be complete without incorporating bead or shell curtains. Traditionally, they serve not just as decorative pieces, but also as pseudomurals that add a touch of whimsy and an element of surprise. They can be used to demarcate spaces, create partitions, or simply be used as window treatments.

The best part about bead and shell curtains is their versatility. They come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, making it easy for you to choose according to your home’s style and color scheme. For instance, a curtain of turquoise blue beads can add a pop of color to a neutral room, while a shell curtain serves as a nod to coastal aesthetics, bringing a touch of the beach indoors.

Remember, they’re not exclusive to doorways or windows. Think outside the box. Try using them as a unique headboard for your bed or as a backdrop for your dining area. Just a simple strand of these can transform an ordinary lamp into a chic work of art.

Additionally, these curtains are fairly straightforward to install. You can get them pre-made from a variety of home decor stores or online, or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even DIY your own bead or shell curtain. All you’ll need are strings, beads or shells of your choice, and a sturdy rod to hang them from.

In essence, it’s all about letting your imagination run free, infusing your space with elements that not only look beautiful but also make it feel like the comfortable, cozy, vibrant, and unique place you call home.

Hang Floating Shelves With a Variety of Potted Plants

hang floating shelves with a variety of potted plants

Bringing an element of nature indoors enhances the aesthetic appeal, irrespective of the decorating style. Floating shelves adorned with a variety of lush potted plants is the ideal way to incorporate this idea.

1. Consider the Type of Plants: Choose plants that thrive in indoor conditions. Succulents, ferns, and trailing plants such as Pothos or Ivy are perfect examples.

2. The Design of the Shelves: Floating shelves come in a range of styles. A rustic wooden shelf or industrial-style metal one can complement the hippie decor theme.

3. Creation of an Indoor Garden: Arrange the plants at varying heights. Combine different sized pots and species for visual interest. Flowy, cascading plants can create a waterfall effect, enhancing the overall ambiance.

4. Care and Maintenance: Ensure easy access for watering and care. Place plants requiring more sunlight on higher shelves closer to the light.

Remember, the goal is to create a visually pleasing green retreat right within your living space.

Install Rustic Ladder Towel Racks in the Bathroom for a Vintage Touch

install rustic ladder towel racks in the bathroom for a vintage touch

To achieve an authentic rustic appeal, consider installation of old-style ladder racks as towel holders. This utilizes vertical space, making it perfect for compact bathrooms. It’s a relatively simple do-it-yourself (DIY) project, offering an economical and environmentally friendly solution, while repurposing old ladders contributes to sustainability.

Firstly, ensure the ladder is sturdy enough to hold multiple wet towels. Light sanding can aid in getting rid of sharp edges or splinters. Next, mount the ladder horizontally to the bathroom wall using brackets. For maximum utility, position it within easy reach of the shower or bathtub.

Enhance the aesthetics by painting it with a distressed finish, thus highlighting the vintage vibe. Alternatively, leave the wood untreated for a more organic approach. Freestanding designs are also an option, simply lean it against the wall for an effortlessly relaxed style.

Indeed, with just a little imagination, this functional household item transforms into a genuine testament to the hippie desire for non-conformity, practicality, and admiration for reclaiming vintage items.

Use Persian Rugs As Wall Art or Tapestries

use persian rugs as wall art or tapestries

Hanging a Persian rug on your wall not only adds a rich and luxurious aesthetic but also introduces intricate patterns and exotic color palettes. There’s just something about the blend of deep reds, blues, and golds of these rugs that bring an alluring warmth to any room.

To use this type of rug as a tapestry, first, ensure you select a wall large enough to hold the rug and also sightly visible from surrounding areas to display its beauty. Make sure the rug is properly secured with a strong rod, attached to the top edge. We recommend using a flat-weave rug for a successful setup as their lightweight nature makes hanging hassle-free.

There’s a world of possibilities when it comes to the style of Persian rug you choose. Opt for a tribal rug with geometric design for a casual vibe, while a silk rug with intricate floral pattern can add an upscale sophistication. Whatever rug you choose, it will undoubtedly become a head-turning centerpiece.

Remember, try to keep the rest of the room’s decor minimal to not detract attention from the rug. Allow it to shine and showcase its intricate design and pattern. Enjoy the instant mood upgrade this versatile décor item brings.

Try Out a Low-seating Dining Area Instead of a Traditional Dining Table

try out a low seating dining area instead of a traditional dining table

Departing from the norm, low-seating dining areas offer a more relaxed, communal feel to mealtimes. There are several ways to create this unique ambiance in your home:

1. Opt for floor cushions or soft hassocks instead of chairs. Experiment with varying shapes and patterns for a vibrant, welcoming arrangement.

2. Use a coffee table or construct a custom low table for your dining needs. Ensure it complements your home’s aesthetic.

3. Layer several rugs and mats for added comfort and texture. This gives a warm, cozy feeling which is essential for effective low-seating dining.

4. Decorate with various throw pillows. They add color and enhance the overall comfort level.

5. Consider floor lamps for optimal lighting, evoking a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

6. Coordinate the color scheme with the rest of your decor. This ensures your dining area flows seamlessly with the surroundings.

These modifications can transform your regular dining space into a relaxing boho paradise, paving the way for memorable, leisurely family meals or spontaneous gatherings with friends.

Use Pallet Furniture or Reclaimed Wood for an Eco-friendly Touch

use pallet furniture or reclaimed wood for an eco friendly touch

Embracing eco-friendliness when decorating your home does not only reduce environmental impact, but also adds a unique charm to your space. Pallet furniture lends itself to this notion perfectly. From lounge chairs to coffee tables, the opportunities are endless.

Tips for integrating pallet furniture or reclaimed wood into your space:

  • Retain the natural finish for rustic charm or paint in vibrant hues for a contemporary twist.
  • Don’t limit it to living areas, create everything from a pallet bedhead to a quirky bathroom shelf.
  • Bring in a professional carpenter for complex projects such as a pallet wood ceiling or wall.

Reclaimed wood, with its unique textures and colors, is another fabulous option. Convert an old barn door into a dining table or a weathered wood plank into a chic mantel. Remember, every ding and nick tell a tale, making your home decor truly one-of-a-kind.

Integrating the said touch into your space can take it from ordinary to extraordinary, while treading lightly on Mother Earth.

Add a Hint of Bohemian Charm With Spherical Lanterns

add a hint of bohemian charm with spherical lanterns

Bohemian charm can be exponentially intensified by incorporating the glow of spherical lanterns. They have a unique ability to add a whimsical and enchanting aura to any space. Plus, they are quite versatile and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

1. Multicolored lanterns: Select lanterns in various shades to set a vibrant mood. Keep the color palette consistent with the rest of your decor to maintain harmony.

2. Placement: Opt to hang these lighting fixtures at different heights for varied illumination and to create visual appeal. Cluster them in one area or distribute them evenly across your space.

3. Material Variety: Lanterns come in a wide array of materials like paper, metal, or glass. Opt for a mix for a more eclectic vibe. Metal lanterns add a particularly rustic boho vibe.

4. Candle lanterns: Alternatively, candle spherical lanterns can be used to set a more romantic and serene atmosphere. They are perfect for quiet dinner nights or relaxing baths.

Remember, the key to effective boho decoration is to maintain an organic, casual, and slightly unconventional atmosphere. Lanterns, with their soft lighting and diverse options, are an excellent tool to help you achieve this. Happy decorating!

Use Knit Poufs and Floor Pillows Instead of Traditional Chairs

use knit poufs and floor pillows instead of traditional chairs

Switch up your seating arrangement with unique alternatives like knit poufs and floor pillows. These elements not only add a fun and casual vibe to your living area but also play up the cozy factor. They are available in a wide array of colors, patterns, and textures, making it easy to match with your existing decor.

For a bit of variation, consider a variety of sizes and shapes. For instance, large knit poufs make for cozy single seats, while smaller ones can serve as footrests. Floor pillows, on the other hand, can be easily moved and arranged based on your convenience, making them not only stylish but also highly practical.

Remember, the idea is to incorporate worldly, travel-inspired and free-spirited aesthetics of the hippie culture into your home. Knit poufs and floor pillows certainly tick all these boxes by adding an offbeat and unorthodox seating alternative which is quintessentially Bohemian.

Fill Corners With Giant Floor Cushions for Extra Seating

fill corners with giant floor cushions for extra seating

Mix and match different shapes and sizes to make the most of your space. Consider using oversized round cushions in vibrant colors or intricate patterns to bring an eclectic feel to your room. Whether they’re used for seating, lounging, or even a quick nap, these will make your space more flexible and inviting.

Floor cushions aren’t just functional, they’re also a great way to introduce color and texture into your décor. Opt for rich embroidery, exotic prints, or colorful weaves to accentuate the bohemian character of your home. Remember, the more diverse the better!

You could also incorporate storage functionality. Look for floor cushions with removable covers that can double up as storage for extra throws, books or even board games. This way, they’re not just decorative pieces, but also contribute to the overall functionality of your living space.

The placement is also crucial. Use them to create a cozy corner by the window, or as an unconventional seating around a low-height coffee table. Putting them near a fireplace can create an incredibly warm and welcoming environment during the colder days.

Investing in durable fabrics like cotton or wool will make sure your giant cushions can handle frequent use – essential for a high-traffic area like the living room. Stain-resistant materials might be a wise choice, especially if you’ve got young kids or pets at home.

In summary, while they’re a nod to hippie-style living, floor cushions can bring a new level of comfort and style to your home while also offering flexibility in how your space is used.

Go for a Pattern-filled Bedspread

go for a pattern filled bedspread

Opt for bedspreads showcasing bold and intricate patterns; these instantly infuse the room with a laid-back, free-spirited vibe.

A mix of eclectic designs, from colorful paisleys to tribal-inspired prints, reflects the varied influences that define the hippie aesthetic.

Not only do these enliven the space, but they also allow for versatility; one can effortlessly switch out different spreads to keep the room looking fresh.

Layering them with solid quilts or tasseled throw blankets can also add depth and warmth to the room.

When choosing, always keep in mind the color scheme of your room to ensure that the pattern complements rather than clashes with the overall decor.

Plus, consider the material to guarantee comfort alongside style; natural fibers like cotton or linen often make the best choices for their breathability and durability.

So start experimenting and let your bedspread become a focal point radiating boho charm.

Try Out a Swinging Chair Creation in Textiles

try out a swinging chair creation in textiles

Swinging chairs, besides their appealing aesthetic, provide a cozy nook for relaxation or reading. When crafted from various textiles, they introduce an additional dimension of visual interest and comfort. Consider choosing fabrics with patterns or colors that reflect the broader hippie theme of your decor – bold prints, batik designs, or bright solids can fuse harmoniously with the vibe.

Consider the structure of the swing as well. Macramé is a popular choice, providing a retro feel and a beautiful touch of craftsmanship. Wicker, too, lends itself well to the hippy theme, offering a naturalistic but stylish appeal.

Remember, these chairs need to be correctly installed— fix them securely in a ceiling joist or beam. Pair your swing with plush, colorful cushions for added comfort. Pick textiles that are robust and easy to clean for practicality, alongside radiating vibrancy and coziness.

Cover Your Sofa With a Mix of Embroidered and Printed Throw Blankets

cover your sofa with a mix of embroidered and printed throw blankets

Experimenting with assorted throw blankets can lend an eclectic appeal that is central to a hippie aesthetic. An embroidered blanket, rich with texture and detailed design, pairs well with a bold printed throw that pops with color. Not only do these add visual dynamism but also increase comfort, making your sofa a cozy sanctuary.

For those embracing the DIY spirit, consider crafting your own Bohemian-inspired patchwork blanket, a medley of various prints and patterns. Add tassels or fringes to the ends of throw blankets for an extra chic flair. This blend of distinctive textures and motifs gives your living space a unique, personalized touch that’s undeniably “hippie.”

When arranging these blankets, feel free to avoid the conventional. Allow them to drape casually over the back or arm of the sofa, or even pile loosely on one end of the seating area. The key is in curating an inviting and laid-back vibe, inherent to the hippie culture.

Hang Plants From the Ceiling for a Refreshing, Natural Decor

hang plants from the ceiling for a refreshing natural decor

Ensuring a refreshing atmosphere inside the home, suspended greenery is not only eye-catching, but also a significant oxygen source. Consider hanging potted plants like spider plants, Boston ferns or heart leaf Philodendron, which are known for their air purifying qualities.

Macramé planters, availabe in varying styles, can add a touch of vintage charm. Alternatively, DIY enthusiasts could try creating their own plant hangers using twine or yarn for a more personalized touch.

A variety of suspending methods exist, including hooks, brackets or tension rods. Use these for setting up your floating garden in front of a window or an unused corner. Thus, varying the plant lengths and types will add depth and interest to the space.

Remember, regular maintenance is vital to keep these hanging green companions healthy and vibrant. Turn them slightly every time you water, so they grow evenly, receiving light from all sides.

Use Colorful Mandala Tapestries to Create a Boho Living Room or Bedroom Wall

use colorful mandala tapestries to create a boho living room or bedroom wall

Infusing your walls with the vibrancy and spirit of mandala tapestries can add an authentic bohemian touch to your home. Mandalas—circular designs representing unity and balance—are a great way to add bohemian artistry to your home.

1. Layered Look: Layer different tapestries to provide depth and visual interest. Their rich colors and intricate patterns bring a vibrant energy into the room.

2. Statement Piece: Use a large mandala tapestry as the centerpiece of a wall to make a bold statement. This works well above a sofa, bed, or even serving as a headboard.

3. Partitions: Within bigger rooms or studio apartments, mandala tapestries can be effectively used as partitions. This distinctive touch will transform any room into a hippie haven.

4. Ease: Tapestries are easy to install with minimal efforts. They’re also versatile and can be switched or moved around on a whim.

5. Affordable Art: High-quality mandala tapestries are widely available at a fraction of the cost of traditional wall art.

Drape your spaces with these vibrant art pieces and provide a bohemian, free-spirited aura to your home decor.

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