15 Outdoor Fall Display Ideas: A DIY Tutorial for Seasonal Décor

Last updated on April 5, 2024

In this tutorial, each step to create unique and aesthetically pleasing outdoor fall displays is meticulously laid out, promising a season full of vibrant and festive curb appeal.

Creative Leaf Garland Ideas

creative leaf garland ideas

Select an assortment of colorful, fallen leaves to string together, creating a vibrant, natural garland that embodies the essence of autumn.

Intersperse the leaves with small gourds, acorns, or cinnamon sticks to add texture and a touch of seasonal fragrance.

Hang the garland across mantles, doorways, or as a festive table runner, infusing your space with the warm hues of fall.

Decorate With Fall-Themed Candles

decorate with fall themed candles

Choose candles with autumnal scents like pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple to infuse the space with the essence of fall.

Arrange candles of varying heights in clusters to add depth and warmth to any room.

Accent the candle display with seasonal elements such as acorns, mini pumpkins, or colored leaves to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Utilize Burlap for Rustic Fall Accent

utilize burlap for rustic fall accent

Burlap adds a warm, rustic texture that complements the rich colors of fall.

From table runners to wreaths, it serves as a versatile base for a variety of autumnal decorations.

Intertwining strands of burlap with fall foliage or ribbons quickly elevates any display to seasonal charm.

DIY Autumn Window Boxes

diy autumn window boxes

Embellish window boxes with a mix of seasonal foliage such as vibrant mums, autumnal leaves, and mini pumpkins.

Intersperse ornamental kale and ivy to add texture and a pop of color.

Enhance the arrangement with twinkling fairy lights for a cozy evening glow.

Unique Fall Centerpieces Using Pinecones

unique fall centerpieces using pinecones

Pinecones can be painted in warm autumnal hues to craft a seasonal centerpiece.

Pair them with candles or scattered leaves on a wooden platter for an organic, textured look.

Enhance the arrangement with small gourds or berry sprigs to add depth and variety to the display.

Incorporate Hay Bales in Your Outdoor Decor

incorporate hay bales in your outdoor decor

Stack hay bales to create levels for displaying pumpkins, gourds, and mums, adding dimension to outdoor spaces.

Drape cozy autumn-colored blankets or quilts over hay for seating at fall gatherings.

Integrate cornstalks and twinkle lights around the hay arrangements to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Fall Scarecrow Display Ideas

fall scarecrow display ideas

Transform your yard into a festive scene by positioning a scarecrow on a bench amidst pumpkins and mums. Dress your scarecrow in plaid shirts and overalls for a classic touch or give it a whimsical spin with bright, unconventional attire.

Use straw-filled gloves and boots to give your display a finished, authentic look perfect for photo ops and welcoming guests.

DIY Rustic Ladder for Displaying Fall Decor

diy rustic ladder for displaying fall decor

A rustic ladder offers a charming vertical display, ideal for arranging autumnal items like pumpkins, foliage, and twinkling lights.

Each rung serves as a shelf, allowing an array of fall decorations to ascend in a visually appealing manner.

Place it indoors or out as a seasonal showcase that can be easily customized and updated throughout the fall months.

Fall-Inspired Lantern Designs

fall inspired lantern designs

Transform ordinary lanterns with autumn leaves, mini pumpkins, and strands of fairy lights for a cozy glow.

Use frosted glass paint in warm, fall colors to give your lanterns a seasonal touch.

Arrange the lanterns alongside gourds and cornstalks for a complete fall vignette.

Design A Fall Harvest Basket

design a fall harvest basket

A Fall Harvest Basket serves as a versatile centerpiece filled with seasonal bounty like pumpkins, gourds, and colorful leaves.

It can also function as a welcoming addition to a front porch, showcasing autumn’s vibrant hues and textures.

For added warmth, intertwine fairy lights amongst the arrangement, which will cast a cozy glow as the days grow shorter.

Create Homemade Fall Bunting

create homemade fall bunting

Homemade bunting adds a festive touch to any room or porch, showcasing a playful array of fall colors and patterns. Using materials like fabric scraps, construction paper, or fallen leaves, you can create a customized garland. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to add warmth and autumnal charm to your home decor.

DIY Fall-Themed Wind Chimes

diy fall themed wind chimes

Hang copper-colored leaves and acorns from slender branches to capture the essence of autumn in a melodious display.

Intertwine strings of small fairy lights amidst the chimes for an enchanting evening ambiance.

Opt for materials like bamboo or driftwood to add a warm, natural sound that complements the cooler fall weather.

Twig and Branch Decor for Fall

twig and branch decor for fall

Incorporate collected twigs and branches into wreaths or wall hangings to evoke the essence of autumnal forests. Embellish them with strings of golden fairy lights to create a warm, inviting glow in any room.

Arrange them in tall vases or as tabletop displays with interspersed fall leaves and berries for a natural, woodsy centerpiece.

Craft a Fall Leaf Bowl for Display

craft a fall leaf bowl for display

A fall leaf bowl serves as a unique vessel for holding seasonal items such as pinecones or mini pumpkins. This eco-friendly decor piece brings a touch of nature indoors, showcasing the vibrant hues of autumn leaves.

Place it on a coffee table or dining centerpiece to add a festive and organic element to your fall display.

Creative Ideas Using Fall-Themed Throw Pillows

creative ideas using fall themed throw pillows

Accentuate sofas and chairs with throw pillows featuring autumnal motifs such as leaves, pumpkins, or tartan patterns.

Mix and match pillows in rich, fall colors like burnt orange, deep red, and forest green to add warmth and comfort to your living space.

Choose pillow materials like velvet or fleece for an extra cozy touch that invites guests to relax and enjoy the season’s ambiance.

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