Kilz Chalk Paint: Easy DIY Tutorial for Perfect Home Decor

Last updated on June 9, 2024

Dive right into the transformative world of Kilz chalk paint, as we guide you through its applications for your DIY projects, displaying its unique characteristics and benefits.

Key takeaways:

  • KILZ Chalk Paint offers a matte finish for vintage look.
  • Covers most surfaces without sanding or priming.
  • Versatile application with various techniques.
  • Available in Toasted Poppyseed and Platinum Ring colors.
  • Ideal for furniture, kitchen cabinets, and decorative items.

Overview of KILZ Chalk Paint

overview of kilz chalk paint

KILZ Chalk Paint offers an easy-to-use formula designed to give a vintage look to furniture and home décor.

This specialty paint creates a matte finish that can easily be distressed for a rustic charm or left sleek for a more modern appearance.

Ideal for upcycling projects, it adheres well to most surfaces without the need for sanding or priming, saving time and effort.

With its thick consistency, KILZ Chalk Paint provides excellent coverage and hides imperfections well, making it a go-to choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

It’s also versatile and can be topped with wax for added protection or left bare for a velvety finish, giving users complete control over their creative visions.

Benefits of Using KILZ Chalk Paint

benefits of using kilz chalk paint

KILZ chalk paint offers a velvety, matte finish that can give furniture and home decor a vintage, shabby-chic appearance with minimal prep work.

Its high-hiding formula covers most surfaces, including wood, metal, ceramic, and canvas, making it an adaptable option for numerous projects.

With easy application, the paint can be brushed, rolled, or even sprayed, providing flexibility in technique.

Additionally, because it adheres well to surfaces and dries quickly, turnaround times for projects can be shorter.

This type of paint is also ideal for layering or distressing, which allows for creative freedom when achieving a desired look.

The ease of use is further enhanced by the simple clean-up process—soap and water are usually sufficient to clean brushes and spills.


KILZ Chalk Style Paint comes in an array of hues suitable for any design aesthetic, including the rich, deep shade of Toasted Poppyseed. This color exudes elegance and can turn a vintage piece into a modern statement.

For a lighter touch, Platinum Ring offers a sleek, neutral option that pairs well with contemporary and classic decors alike. Both colors provide a smooth, matte finish, giving furniture and home accents a luxurious, velvety look.

Whether aiming to create a striking feature piece or harmonize with existing room elements, these shades are versatile choices for your next DIY project.

Where to Use KILZ Chalk Paint

KILZ Chalk Paint is a versatile product that can rejuvenate a wide range of surfaces. Its unique formula allows for easy application on furniture, giving new life to old chairs, tables, and dressers.

It’s also ideal for kitchen cabinets, providing a matte finish that can refresh the heart of your home without the need for extensive sanding or priming. Beyond furniture, the paint can be used on metal, wood, cast stone, and even concrete, making it suitable for decorative items and smaller accent pieces as well.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s not recommended for floors or outdoor use where it might be exposed to the elements. Whether aiming for a rustic look or something more modern, KILZ Chalk Paint can help achieve a designer look with relative ease.

Surface Preparation Before Painting

Ensuring a clean, smooth surface is crucial for the best adhesion and finish quality. Begin by wiping down the item with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime. If there’s existing paint or a glossy finish, lightly sanding is necessary to help the chalk paint adhere properly. Sand with a medium-grit sandpaper until the surface feels slightly roughened.

For surfaces with stains or odors, apply a stain-blocking primer like KILZ Original before painting. For wood, fill in cracks or holes with wood filler, sand smooth, and wipe away any residue. On metal, use a wire brush to remove any rust. Always ensure the surface is completely dry before applying the chalk paint.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Begin by ensuring your chosen surface is clean, dry, and free of loose paint or debris for optimal adherence. Shake the can thoroughly prior to opening, then stir the paint to a uniform consistency. If needed, a small amount of water can be added for a smoother application.

Apply the paint with a high-quality brush or roller, using even strokes. Start from one end and work your way to the other, maintaining a consistent direction. For detailed areas or corners, a smaller brush will provide better coverage and accuracy.

Chalk paint dries quickly, so work in manageable sections and avoid over-brushing to prevent visible lines. Apply a second coat if necessary, ensuring the first layer is completely dry to touch before proceeding. This typically takes about an hour.

Once finished, assess the need for a protective top coat based on the desired sheen and durability. If opting for this additional layer, allow the final coat of chalk paint to dry thoroughly, often 24 hours, before applying.

Dry Time Considerations

Understanding the drying time for KILZ Chalk Paint is crucial for a flawless finish. After application, it typically requires at least one hour before it’s dry to the touch. For best results, wait for a full two hours before applying a second coat. This patience ensures that the previous layer has adequately settled, minimizing the risk of smudges or streaks.

In environments with high humidity or cooler temperatures, drying times may extend – so adjust your expectations accordingly. It’s always a good idea to ensure proper ventilation to facilitate even and consistent drying.

Lastly, after completing your project, allow the painted item a minimum of 24 hours to fully cure before using or handling it to prevent damage to the beautiful new finish you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Keep in mind that while the surface may feel dry to the touch, the curing process involves the paint hardening to its most durable state.

Tips for Achieving the Best Finish

To ensure a professional-looking outcome with KILZ chalk paint, consider the following:

  • Sand the surface lightly between coats for a smoother finish. Fine-grit sandpaper (220 to 320 grit) works well for this.
  • Keep your brush strokes even and in one direction, ideally with the grain of the wood, for a cohesive look.
  • For a more glossy or durable finish, apply KILZ Clear Sealing Wax after the paint has thoroughly dried.
  • For a distressed look, gently sand select edges and corners after the final coat of paint has dried. Focus on areas that would naturally show wear over time.
  • Avoid heavy strokes or overworking the paint to prevent visible brush marks.
  • Allow ample dry time as recommended on the product label before touching or using the painted item.
  • Use a quality brush specifically designed for chalk paint to avoid shedding bristles and ensure smooth coverage.
  • Reserve a damp cloth to wipe away any mistakes quickly before the paint dries.

Clean-up & Disposal Procedures

After completing your painting project, proper clean-up ensures that your tools last and your environment stays safe. Start by scraping excess paint off brushes or rollers into the paint can. For water-based chalk paint, like KILZ, rinse brushes, rollers, and other tools with warm soapy water until the water runs clear. Be mindful that paint should never be poured down the drain as it can cause blockages and contaminate water supplies.

For disposal of unused paint, check with local waste management guidelines. Many areas have specific disposal sites or pick-up services for household hazardous waste. If the paint can is empty or the paint has dried completely, it can typically be disposed of with regular trash. However, liquid paint must be dealt with differently to avoid environmental hazards. Consider donating unused paint to community centers, theater groups, or schools that could use it for projects.

Lastly, tightly seal any remaining paint can for future touch-ups or projects, storing it in a cool, dry place away from children and pets. Remember, a little extra time spent on clean-up saves resources and helps preserve the environment.

Safety Precautions and †Warning!

When working with any paint, prioritizing your safety is essential to ensure a pleasant DIY experience. Ensure proper ventilation in your workspace to avoid inhaling fumes. Open windows and doors or use a fan to circulate air adequately.

Always wear protective gear – gloves protect your hands, while goggles shield your eyes from splatters. Long sleeves and pants can prevent skin contact, and a mask will filter out any airborne particles.

Be mindful of the paint’s composition. KILZ Chalk Paint is water-based; however, if you’re sensitive to chemical exposure, take extra precautions, as some individuals may still react to the ingredients.

Keep the paint away from heat sources, open flames, and electrical equipment, as it is flammable. Store it in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children and pets.

Dispose of any leftover paint and cleaning materials according to your local waste management regulations. To avoid contaminating waterways, never pour paint down drains or into gutters.

Remember to read the paint can’s label for any additional safety instructions specific to KILZ Chalk Paint, and adhere to the product’s recommended guidelines for a secure and successful project.

How To: Transform Furniture With KILZ Chalk Paint

Breathing new life into a piece of furniture with KILZ Chalk Paint is both simple and rewarding. Start by choosing the right color to match your vision—perhaps a classic shade like TOASTED POPPYSEED or a modern PLATINUM RING.

To begin the transformation, ensure the furniture surface is clean, dry, and free of loose paint or old wax. Lightly sanding helps create a better bond between the paint and the surface.

Apply KILZ Chalk Paint evenly with a brush or roller, working in small sections to maintain a wet edge and avoid overlap marks. For most pieces, two coats will yield a full, rich color and opaque coverage. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between coats, following the manufacturer’s recommended drying time.

Once dry, you can enhance the antique look by distressing the edges lightly with sandpaper or add your personal touch with stencils or patterns. To seal and protect your newly painted furniture, finish with KILZ Clear Sealing Wax. The wax will deepen the color slightly and add a subtle sheen, as well as protect the surface from daily wear and tear.

Remember to work in a well-ventilated area and protect surrounding surfaces to ensure a clean and safe working environment. Enjoy the process, and watch as you give your furniture a stunning, personalized touch.

Connect With KILZ for Support and Inspiration

Embarking on a DIY project with KILZ Chalk Paint can be both exhilarating and daunting. For novices and seasoned pros alike, a little support goes a long way. Fortunately, accessing assistance and creative sparks is just a few clicks away.

Customer Service: Have questions about the product? KILZ’s customer service team is reachable via phone or email and can help guide you through your project with expert advice.

Social Media Communities: Join the community of fellow DIY enthusiasts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for a daily dose of inspiration.

Project Ideas Gallery: Browse the KILZ website for a gallery of projects, where you’ll find before-and-after photos that might ignite your next big idea.

Video Tutorials: Visual learners can watch step-by-step tutorials on KILZ’s YouTube channel to ensure they are applying the paint correctly and making the most of its chalky finish.

Tips & Techniques: Look for articles and blog posts on the official website, which often contain tips and tricks for perfecting your technique or trying out new styles.

These resources provide valuable guidance, inspiring images, and instructional content to help you make your chalk paint project a resounding success.

Encouraging User Engagement and Comments

Your experiences and insights are invaluable! After diving into your own projects with KILZ Chalk Paint, sharing your thoughts can help foster a vibrant community of DIY enthusiasts.

  • Post Before and After Photos: Show off your transformations and see the variety of ways others use KILZ Chalk Paint.
  • Comment on Techniques: Exchange tips and tricks that have worked for you, or seek advice on challenges you’ve faced.
  • Ask Questions: If you’re unsure about a certain step or need recommendations, don’t hesitate to seek input from fellow users.
  • Share Stories: Have a special piece you’ve revitalized, or a particularly proud moment in your painting journey? Tell us about it!

Every comment, question, and photo enriches the community, offering new perspectives and ideas that can inspire and guide others in their painting endeavors.

Delving deeper into the world of DIY and home renovation can be both thrilling and informative. For those fascinated by the transformative power of paint, a range of articles exist to broaden your understanding and skill set.

Explore detailed guides on selecting the perfect color palette for your space, as these can dramatically influence mood and ambiance. Brush up your knowledge on different paint finishes and when to use them, which is crucial for achieving the desired effect in a room.

Learn about the intricacies of paint maintenance and restoration, ensuring your projects stay vibrant and enduring. Finally, for those eager to expand their DIY repertoire, comprehensive tutorials on upcycling furniture and creative home decor projects are readily available.

Each article is a treasure trove of expert tips and innovative ideas to enhance your next painting adventure.


Does KILZ chalk paint need to be sealed?

Yes, KILZ chalk paint requires sealing for enhanced durability, ideally using KILZ® CLEAR SEALING WAX.

Can KILZ be used as chalk paint?

Yes, KILZ can be used as chalk paint as it provides an option for up-cycling vintage furniture and can be applied on various surfaces such as old or new wood, cast stone, concrete, and metal.

What is the best primer to cover chalk paint?

The Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer is considered the best to cover chalk paint due to its versatile, high-performing qualities.

Is KILZ a paint or a primer?

KILZ is both a paint and a primer, offering premium acrylic solutions with excellent hide, stain resistance, and easy touch-up features.

How does KILZ chalk paint compare to other brands in terms of durability and finish?

KILZ chalk paint offers superior durability and a rich, velvety finish, often outperforming other brands in terms of longevity and aesthetic appeal.

What surfaces are suitable for applying KILZ chalk paint?

KILZ chalk paint can be applied on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, laminate, concrete, indoor and outdoor furniture and more.

Are there any specific application techniques for KILZ chalk paint to achieve optimal results?

To achieve optimal results with KILZ chalk paint, ensure to thoroughly clean and dry the surface, lightly sand if glossy, apply the chalk paint using a quality brush, up to two coats as required, and finish with a layer of sealant.

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