20 Unique Blanket Ladder Decorating Ideas & DIY Home Decor Tips

Last updated on May 16, 2024

Explore these creative blanket ladder decorating ideas because they hold the key to transforming your space without breaking the bank.

I take immense pride in curating these 20 unique blanket ladder decorating ideas & DIY home decor tips, hoping that you will find them as inspiring and fun to recreate as I did in the process of creating them.

Blanket ladders, with their rustic charm and practical utility, make for an excellent addition to any home decor. They not only provide a unique way to store and display your cozy blankets but also serve as an eye-catching decorative piece in your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom.

This article will delve into some creative and stylish ideas to decorate with a blanket ladder. Whether you’re a fan of the farmhouse style, prefer a minimalistic approach, or love the boho-chic vibe, there’s a blanket ladder idea for you.

Stay tuned for a detailed guide that will help you transform a simple ladder into an impressive decor element.

Draped Fairy Lights

draped fairy lights

Experimenting with light truly transforms the aura and ambience of a space. Using warm fairy lights, this design leads the way to an enchantingly cozy atmosphere. They can either be dramatically draped over on one side or cautiously twisted around the rungs, based on individual preferences.

Select lights based on the room’s color scheme, from warm tones for an inviting feel to multicolor lights for a festive vibe. Bear in mind to use battery-operated ones for safety aspects. A dimmer switch further gives you control over brilliance and glow, from a soft shimmer to a more radiant shine.

Finally, intertwine them with soft fabrics on the ladder for a layered look. This adds depth and interest to your display, thus creating a focal point in your room that draws attention, day or night.

Seasonal Blankets Display

seasonal blankets display

Framing the changing seasons through your decor can add a unique charm to your home. Swapping blankets lined up on your ladder can create this seasonal effect.

In spring, consider light, airy textiles in pastels or floral patterns. When summer arrives, opt for vibrant, bold colors and tropical designs. Fall calls for warm, rich hues and cozy textures like flannel or wool. As winter sets in, choose heavy, fluffy blankets and amp up the coziness with faux fur or velvet.

Tie the look together by matching the seasonal decor in the rest of the room. You can further complement the effect with a matching pillow, throw, or even a rug nearby. Remember: variety can add depth and interest. Whether patterned or solid, don’t be afraid to layer different materials and textures.

A themed blanket for each holiday, such as a boo-themed quilt for Halloween or a red-themed throw for Valentine’s, could add a festive touch. Just be sure not to overdo it; simplicity can often speak louder than excess. Unleash your creativity within this simple framework, and your blanket ladder can be a center of attention throughout the year.

Twining Ivy Around the Ladder Rungs

twining ivy around the ladder rungs

The beauty of ivy lies in its versatility and natural appeal. For a rustic look, real ivy is an excellent choice. Over time it adds a unique authenticity as it dries. Alternatively, silk ivy is a great low maintenance option that retains its vibrant green color. Choose varieties with variegated leaves for added visual interest.

Before you start, ensure your blanket ladder is sturdy and cleaned. Start from the bottom, winding the ivy around each rung in a spiral pattern, allowing some leaves to fall naturally. Keep it loose and organic; the goal is to accentuate not overwhelm. If the ivy refuses to stay put, a few small clear adhesive hooks placed strategically can provide the necessary support.

To add more depth to your ladder, mix different ivy types or blend with other greenery. Ivy can also work as the backdrop to display holiday trinkets or baubles, just ensure they’re lightweight to preserve the ivy and prevent overburdening the ladder.

Maintenance is simple regardless of the ivy type. For real ivy, ensure it’s free from pests before winding, and remove fallen leaves promptly to maintain a clean look. For silk ivy, a light dusting every now and then will do the trick. Introduce foxgloves, lavender sprigs, or peonies for a delightful spring touch, or intertwine fairy lights for a magical glow in the serene night.

Remember, when it comes to decorating with ivy, let your creativity take the wheel. Let it flow, let it evolve, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

Hanging Ornaments for Holidays

hanging ornaments for holidays

Adorning your blanket ladder with festive trimmings adds an extra touch of cheer. During Christmas, hang delicate baubles and sparkling stars to embrace the season. Outfit your ladder with plastic eggs or faux bunnies to celebrate Easter.

Autumn holidays could see the inclusion of mini pumpkins or colorful leaves. Dreidels or menorah-shaped ornaments would fit the bill for Hanukkah. Heart-shaped decorations are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Remember, it’s all about marrying the spirit of the occasion with your home’s existing decor for a harmonious look.

Ensure your chosen ornaments are lightweight to avoid straining the ladder. Plus, alternate sizes and shapes to create visual interest.

Placing Photo Frames On the Rungs

placing photo frames on the rungs

Select frames that contrast well with your ladder to make them stand out. Consider using frames of different sizes and shapes for added interest.

Ideally, smaller frames should be at the top with larger ones below, maintaining balance. Don’t overcrowd. Allow each frame breathing room.

An option may be to mix petite frames with larger, statement ones for a dynamic look. Use secure methods to hang them, such as hooks or sturdy cords, to ensure they won’t fall.

Finally, remember to choose images that blend with the room’s decor for a harmonious ambiance.

Displaying Vintage Scarves

displaying vintage scarves

A selection of vintage scarves can add a unique old-world charm to your blanket ladder. Consider these points when decorating:

1. Color Coordination: Try to select scarves that complement the existing colors of the room. For instance, pastel scarves would look lovely in a light-themed decor, whereas a more vibrant hue might spice up a monotonary palette.

2. Layering: Use an overlap method to lay your scarves on the rungs. This allows the patterns from each scarf to peep through, creating an appealing visual depth.

3. Focal Point: Decide on the ‘star’ scarf, one that is either especially beautiful or carries significant sentimental value. Position it at eye level to draw attention.

4. Vary Width and Length: Playing around with different sizes and shapes of scarves helps to create visual interest. Fold longer scarves in a waterflow effect and let smaller ones spread out fully over the rungs.

Remember, the idea is to create an amalgamation of colors, patterns, and memories that is visibly pleasant and subtly tells a story.

Hanging Mini Woven Baskets

hanging mini woven baskets

Utilizing the rungs of your blanket ladder to hang mini woven baskets introduces a charming, rustic element. It is not only eye-catching but also offers a practical use of storage space.

These baskets can house various items, from potted succulents to tiny knick-knacks. For a harmonious arrangement, opt for baskets of varying sizes and hues to provide contrasting textures and colors. Evenly space them on your ladder to create an appealing visual rhythm.

If interested in showcasing a collection, small woven baskets can be a creative spotlight. Thus, this method offers both decorative and functional benefits, giving your room a unique, personal touch.

Woven Macramé Decorations

woven macrame decorations

Elevating the aesthetic appeal of your blanket ladder, macramé creations offer both texture and intricate design. These hand-woven works of art harmonize well with a range of décor styles, from modern to bohemian.

For an inviting display, consider macramé wall hangings draped over a ladder rung or two. Their neutral palette allows for a consistency that blends well with other decorations, while the variety in their patterns keeps the look fresh.

If you’re looking to add a touch of color, opt for macramé décor adorned with colorful beads or threaded with vibrantly dyed wool. This adds an eye-catching element that can complement the color scheme in your room.

Lastly, positioning smaller macramé items such as pot holders or plant hangers on the rungs can introduce a green element into your space. Simply nestle an easy-care indoor plant into the macramé holder, offering a breath of fresh air to your ladder display.

With their handcrafted charm, these macramé creations serve all-year-round, ensuring your blanket ladder remains vibrant and engaging no matter the season.

Attaching Small Artworks

attaching small artworks

Artworks add a beautiful dimension of color and personality to the ladder. Select small works that resonate with your style, or perhaps those carrying sentimental value. Bear in mind the scale and proportion of the artwork relative to the ladder. Ensure they’re securely attached to prevent accidents.

Consider choosing pieces with complementary colors to the blankets or overall room theme. High contrast between the decor and the ladder itself can also be striking – think black and white sketches against a rustic wooden ladder, or vibrant pop art pieces on a minimalist white ladder.

Artworks also allow for changeable decor – which is perfect to keep your room refreshed. Whenever you feel the need to switch up the look, just replace the pieces. Whether photographic prints, mini canvases, or children’s art, this option introduces a unique artistic flair to your blanket ladder decor.

Wreath Hanging At the Top

wreath hanging at the top

Placing a stylish wreath at the top of the ladder immediately draws attention and anchors the display. You can opt for seasonal wreaths, such as poinsettias for Christmas, pastel flowers for Easter, or autumn leaves for fall. This keeps your decor relevant all year round.

For a classic look, a simple greenery wreath works too. It’s all about personalizing the decor to match your home’s aesthetics. Coordinate the colors and materials of the wreath with the blankets for a cohesive look.

Leaving enough space between the wreath and the first rung gives the decor balance and prevents it from looking overcrowded. Wreaths with lights or decorative elements add extra flair, subtly enhancing the room’s ambiance. Remember, the size of the wreath should be in proportion with the ladder – you don’t want it too big or too small.

With these tips in mind, your blanket ladder with a wreath can easily become an inviting focal point of any room.

Decorative Quote Boards

decorative quote boards

Adding a personal touch to the ladder can instantly grab the visitor’s attention. Quote boards do precisely that, making the décor interactive and engaging. Choose fun, inspiring or thought-provoking quotes that reflect your style, mood or the ambiance you want to create.

1. Match Room’s Theme: If the room has a beach, rustic or vintage theme, select quotes that compliment that.

2. Size and Number of Boards: Depending on the ladder’s size, opt for a single large board or a couple of smaller ones.

3. Hand-Painted or Printed: Get creative with hand-painted boards or stick to sleek, printed ones for a more modern look.

4. Colored or Monochromatic: A pop of color can lend a playful vibe, while a monochromatic palette can provide a minimalistic, clean look.

5. Typography: Consider the font style and size. Large, calligraphic font can stand out on a simple white board.

6. Positioning: Place them on the narrow end, and balance with broader objects like blankets or picture frames on the other side for visual symmetry.

Remember, this is your space, so have fun with it. Pick the quotes that you love and don’t be afraid to switch them out with your mood or season – it keeps the display dynamic and fresh.

Use of Patterned or Embellished Throws

use of patterned or embellished throws

To breathe life into a monotonous room, throws exhibiting pronounced patterns or embellishments can serve as the focal point. As they hang on the ladder, the distinct and intricate designs naturally demand attention, painting a visual spectacle in the space.

Here are five key points to understand this concept better:

  • Opt for contrast: If the room sports a minimalist design, a vibrant, patterned throw will immediately warm up the space.
  • Geometric patterns: Aztec or modern geometric designs can add a contemporary edge to traditional settings.
  • Fabrics with sheen: Throws with subtle shine or metallic embroidery infuse a touch of glamour, amplifying the elegance.
  • Drama with dark tones: A dark-colored, embellished throw can add depth to a room with lighter tones.
  • Be playful: Experiment with unique patterns and unconventional designs to bring a sense of fun and dynamicity, reflecting your personality.

Remember, when you display throws on a blanket ladder, you aren’t only creating an organized space; you’re also telling a story that will leave an impression.

Displaying Heirloom Quilts

displaying heirloom quilts

A carefully placed heirloom quilt on your blanket ladder can generate a sweeping sense of nostalgia and tell a rich story. These quilts, traditionally hand-stitched by family members, imbibe generations of craftsmanship, history, and affection.

Here are a few points to remember:

  • 1. When handling heirloom quilts, always ensure clean hands to prevent oils or dirt from staining the fabric.
  • 2. Avoid folding quilts at the same place repeatedly to prevent wearing out. Instead, refold them periodically in different ways.
  • 3. Keep in mind the weight of the quilt. Heirlooms tend to be heavier so place them on sturdy rungs.
  • 4. Take care not to overexpose the quilts to direct sunlight which can fade their beautiful colors.
  • 5. Rotate quilts, if you have multiple, from display to reduce wear and tear.

With these steps, give your heirloom quilts the pride of place they deserve, boosting the aesthetic appeal of your space while celebrating and preserving your family treasures.

Hanging Flower Garlands

hanging flower garlands

Adding a floral touch can transform your blanket ladder into a vibrant, eye-catching feature. Garlands with fresh blooms bring a breath of life to your room but do require regular maintenance. Alternatively, opt for faux flowers in silk or fabric for a longer-lasting arrangement.

  • Choose flowers that complement the room’s color scheme. Harmonizing your selection will not detract from displayed blankets but instead heighten their appeal.
  • Varying flower sizes can add texture and depth. Combine larger flowers with smaller ones to keep the design interesting.
  • Intersperse your flowers with greenery for a natural, captivating display. Moss, eucalyptus, or maiden hair ferns are excellent choices.
  • Experiment with asymmetry. Creating an off-balance display can offer visual interest and make your arrangement more dynamic.

Remember, floral garlands do not only fit well during spring or summer. For instance, autumn leaves or winter berries can reflect seasonal variations effectively.

Color-coordinating Blankets With Room’s Decor

color coordinating blankets with rooms decor

Dive into an ocean of color and breathe new life into your room. Aim to achieve harmony by matching your ladder blankets with the existing hues of your space.

A monochromatic theme can work remarkably well – simply choose differing shades and patterns within your room’s color. If your decor boasts blue tones, for example, a delightful mix of azure, turquoise and navy blankets can inject vibrancy to your ladder.

A contrasting approach can also be attractive. For rooms steeped in neutrals, a blanket in a bold, compelling shade can serve as the perfect pop of color. Imagine the impact of an emerald green or vibrant magenta against a gentle gray or lavish cream room.

Similarly, for a room already bursting with color, a whitewashed ladder donned with serene pastel or white blankets adds a calming point of contrast. And don’t forget about patterns – they add visual interest and depth. Just ensure that any eye-catching pattern plays nicely with the rest of the room’s elements.

Displaying Collectors’ Textiles

displaying collectors textiles

Exhibiting textiles that have a personal and unique history can create a rich narrative in your home. Particularly valuable if you’re a sagacious collector or have inherited unique pieces, such as indigenous hand-weavings or embroidered fabrics from travels.

Here’s how to showcase these collector’s items with grace:

  • Rotate Your Pieces: Keep your display fresh by changing them seasonally or every few months. This helps protect delicate items from fading but also constantly refreshes your décor.
  • Mind the Balance: Be conscious of color and pattern balance. An intricately patterned textile might be best paired with simpler ones.
  • Respect the Textile: Some textiles with historical or cultural significance may require gentle handling. Be considerate in how they’re draped or hung to reduce strain or damage.
  • Pair with Simplicity: Allow the textile to engage attention. Surround it with neutral decor elements, so it naturally pops.
  • Lighting: Low, indirect light can enhance its visual appeal without causing any harm.

By following these guidelines, your blanket ladder will not only serve as a practical space but also as an attractive gallery that tells a unique story.

Hanging Farmhouse Beads

hanging farmhouse beads

Farmhouse beads are a simple way to add a touch of rustic charm to your ladder. These often come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from round wooden beads to chunkier, distressed styles – providing great versatility for different decorative schemes.

Here are a few tips on how to best incorporate farmhouse beads into blanket ladder décor:

  • Opt for a Garland: A long garland of farmhouse beads can be draped across multiple rungs, giving your ladder a uniquely textured and rustic look.
  • Mix and Match: Consider using a mix of different bead sizes. This creates visual interest and keeps the eye moving.
  • Color Choice: Neutral-colored beads work well with almost any décor. But don’t be afraid to go for painted beads if you’re looking to inject some color into your space.
  • Experiment with Placement: The beads don’t necessarily need to cover each rung of the ladder. Try focusing them on one side, or spread them out sporadically for a casual, nonuniform feel.
  • Add a Tassel: Attaching a tassel to the end of your bead string can provide another layer of interest and texture. You can even incorporate different tassel colors to symbolize the changing seasons.

Remember, the key is to have fun with it. Let your creativity shine through, and you’ll be admiring your beautiful, bead-adorned blanket ladder in no time.

Displaying Plush Toys for a Child’s Room

displaying plush toys for a childs room

As a unique, playful twist, consider utilizing the ladder’s rungs as a spot for your child’s favorite plush companions. This approach works particularly well in nurseries and toddlers’ rooms, adding a practical yet adorable touch.

1. Choose plush toys with different sizes and colors for visual intrigue.

2. Ensure the toys are well-secured to prevent them from falling.

3. Rotate toys occasionally to instantly refresh the look.

4. Use the top rung for the child’s favorite toy, marking its importance.

5. Keep safety in mind; ensure the ladder is secure and the toys are safe, especially for young infants.

Remember, the deployed ladder should not only be decorative but also offer a functional space to showcase cute elements of a little one’s growing world.

Stringing Paper or Felt Banners

stringing paper or felt banners

Adding an artistic flair to your blanket ladder becomes effortless with paper or felt banners. Available in a host of colors and designs, these decorative essentials create a fun and stylish transformation.

Pin these banners directly on your ladder for a cute and personalized look. Felt is especially recommended for its durability and rich, vibrant hues. If you’re up for a DIY, cut out shapes or letters to spell out your favorite quotes or names.

Equally captivating, paper banners bring in a chic rustic charm. Go for paper flags or bunting-style banners in a mix of colors or patterns to complement your existing decor. Ensure the paper quality is sturdy to prevent easy wear and tear.

Lastly, banners draped asymmetrically or in a zigzag fashion magnify the visual interest. Remember to consider the size of your ladder while deciding on your banner’s length and width. Don’t shy away from experiment with colors, prints or even layering to add depth.

Showcase of Patchwork Blankets

showcase of patchwork blankets

Delight in the vibrant variety of patchwork blankets by letting them shine on your blanket ladder. This is an exceptional way of showcasing craftsmanship, blending color and pattern in a delightful, eye-catching manner.

1. Mix and Match: Use different patchwork blankets to create a playful color blend, intrigue, and aesthetic appeal.

2. Texture Play: Textured fabrics add another dimension to your decor, inviting tactile engagement, and visual interest.

3. Themed Display: Group together patchwork blankets of similar themes or color schemes to create a cohesive look that underscores your existing decor.

4. Layering: Overlay multiple patchwork blankets on the same rung, allowing glimpses of each to peek through – a unique technique for depth and visual appeal.

5. Rotation: Regularly switch out patchwork blankets, displaying new ones, keeping the visual palette fresh and engaging.

Remember, your blanket ladder is not just storage, but a creative platform to exhibit your unique decor style.

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