Why It’s Important That Your Home Has Good Quality Windows

Last updated on February 5, 2024

Windows can make or break the aesthetics of your home. Not only that but modern, high-quality windows have numerous features that can boost your energy efficiency, thus lowering your bills, to increase security.

This post will discuss the genuine benefits that you can achieve by updating your old windows to newer, better-looking and more efficient models.

Great Windows Make Your Home Look Amazing

great view window

Did you know that around 10-20% of the exterior of your home is made up of your windows? This is a considerable amount and shows you that windows are integral to making your home aesthetically pleasing. In fact, double glazing professionals, Advanced Group Windows, state that a great set of windows can even boost your curb appeal (more on that a bit later).

Moreover, it isn’t only the exterior that will benefit you but also your interior. Good interior design relies on natural light where possible, and your windows are the primary conduit for this. This also means that they will also be a key focal point in any room. Thus, if your old windows aren’t cutting it anymore, you should seriously consider replacing them with new ones.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Old windows were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. This becomes apparent when you inspect them closely and discover a single pane of glass. In order to become energy efficient, you must trap air to act as a form of insulation.

This is precisely what modern double-glazed windows provide. They are fantastic insulators since they trap a pocket of sealed air between two layers of high-tech glass. Moreover, the surrounding of the windows also plays a part by being factory sealed, allowing less energy to escape from the fascias.

They Increase Your House’s Value

window frames

If you are considering moving house in the near future, one of the best things you can do is replace your old windows. As previously mentioned, a new set of windows can drastically increase what is known as your curb appeal. Curb Appeal is the first impression of a property or space and can result in a higher chance of prospective buyers making an offer.

Also, a modern set of windows automatically signals that their offer should reflect a realistic price. The reason for this is that potential buyers of your house are more likely than not looking to move in without having to invest a lot of money, and when your home gets an inspection, it should be deemed in good condition, further boosting its value.

You Can Maintain Consistent Temperatures 

Continuing from the point regarding energy efficiency, you will be able to regulate your home’s temperature more efficiently all year long. Consistency means lower bills, but more importantly, less wear and tear on your home’s heating or cooling systems.

Many homes utilize a boiler system that provides heat and hot water and an air conditioning unit to cool it down in the summer months. It requires a lot more power to operate these machines when the heat or cold air is escaping instead of remaining constant. The constant powering up and down usually leads to more money spent on replacing or repairing broken parts.

They Can Reduce Color Fading

sunny window

Color fading is a phenomenon where the color of an object becomes less intense or lighter as it is exposed to sunlight. This process is caused by the photochemical reaction of light and the substances on the object’s surface. The phenomenon can be seen in various materials, such as clothes, plastic, metal, rubber, and paint.

Check out your photos near your windows or the furniture near your windows to see this happening in action. If you invest in modern windows that come with unique glass panels, you can reduce a lot of this color fade and ensure that your furnishings remain as pristine as the day you bought them.

They Help To Block Out The Noise

Anyone with older windows can attest that they are pretty useless when it comes to blocking out noise. Modern windows with double glazing block noise by trapping the sound waves with a vacuum between two layers of glass. The common misconception is that double glazing blocks noise because it is thick and heavy, but this is not the case. Double-glazed windows are made up of two sheets of glass with a space in between them, and it is this space that has a vacuum, which makes it so that sound waves can’t escape and they stay trapped inside.

They Can Improve Privacy

While this might not be the case for all modern windows, you can purchase some that include a special coating on the glass that reduces the amount of visible light that leaves the interior. In practice, this means that it is more difficult for people to look inside your home. It may be a great idea to use these coatings if you live near a public path, as they can help ensure that your privacy remains intact.

They Greatly Enhance Security

Windows are typically seen as the best point of entry for thieves looking to break into your house. This is for a good reason because it was easy to smash and gain access with older, single-paned windows. However, modern windows with double glazing provide a far more robust layer of protection against intruders. In some cases, it can take numerous powerful blows off a hammer to even begin to see any form of damage occurring. While nothing is entirely thief-proof, it could be enough to deter any potential crooks.

They Provide Better Functionality

Back in the day, old-fashioned windows did not emphasize safety or functionality, instead of allowing them to be opened and closed without much in between. Aside from the apparent safety implications of children falling from their rooms, it significantly impacts their functionality. For example, it may be a cold day outside, but you still want to allow some fresh air into your home. Most modern windows are designed so that you can crack them open enough to allow air to flow freely, but not so much that all the heat escapes.

Getting good-quality windows is the key to a happier, healthier life. Replacing your old windows with modern, high-tech varieties can improve everything from energy efficiency to security.

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