20 Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas: Ultimate Guide for Your Home Inspiration

Last updated on December 13, 2023

Transform your bathroom from mundane to marvelous because creative counter decorating ideas are just a click away.

I’m thrilled to share these 20 Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas, each exquisitely illustrated by yours truly; I sincerely hope you find them as inspiring and fun to explore as I did in creating them.

Sprucing up your bathroom counter can transform the entire space, making it more appealing and functional. From stylish soap dispensers to chic trays, the possibilities are endless.

This article provides a plethora of innovative and practical ideas to adorn your bathroom counter. Whether you have a large countertop or a small vanity, you’ll find solutions that perfectly fit your space and style.

Read on to discover how to create an organized, stylish, and user-friendly bathroom counter with the right accessories and layout.

Candle Arrangement

candle arrangement

Nesting a group of candles together is a popular approach. Sizes, shapes, and colors can vary, creating dynamic depth and interest on your countertop.

To maintain a neat look, use a shallow tray underneath. For added appeal, scented candles can serve a dual purpose by providing a soothing aroma. However, remember to place them away from flammable items.

Hurricanes or lanterns can also add an extra layer of protection and aesthetic appeal. Candle holders also range from simple to elaborate designs, so you can choose according to your overall bathroom style.

Lastly, always ensure to blow out the candles before leaving the room for safety reasons.

Succulent Plant Selection

succulent plant selection

Having a mini garden on your bathroom counter not only breathes life into the room, but it also adds a unique touch to the overall decor. Succulents are a favorite choice given their low-maintenance nature and adaptability to varying light and humidity conditions.

1. Select low-light tolerant succulents: Plants like Snake Plant, Zebra Plant, and Aloe Vera thrive well even in indirect sunlight and can be great additions.

2. Choose shallow pots: To mimic their natural growth conditions, use shallow, wide pots with a hole at the bottom for drainage.

3. Match succulents with your bathroom theme: Consider the color, texture, and form of succulents to harmonize with the overall look.

4. Mix and match: Create an aesthetic appeal by combining different types and sizes of succulents.

5. Care: Give them a weekly check. Water them when the soil completely dries out, never let them sit in water, and consider using a humidifier in the room, especially if the air tends to be dry.

Remember, succulents are more than just plants, they are pieces of living sculpture. They’ll not only enhance your bathroom ambience but also create a serene environment for your relaxation time.

Apothecary Jars for Storage

apothecary jars for storage

Taking advantage of vertical storage space is crucial when decorating a bathroom counter. Apothecary jars offer a smart yet elegant solution. Choose jars of various sizes to store items like cotton balls, Q-tips, or bath salts, which can add a stylish touch and a feel of intimacy to your bathroom.

The transparency of the jars allows for aesthetic exposure of the contents and also serves a functional purpose as it gives a clear view of when to refill. You can even play around with colored glass jars to introduce a vibrant pop of color. Remember to keep the lids secured to ensure your items remain clean and dry.

This is an easy and beautiful way to maintain a clutter-free bathroom counter.

Matching Soap Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder

matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder

To successfully incorporate this concept, it’s crucial to consider the overall color scheme and style of the bathroom. It might seem like a small detail, but it’s the subtle touches that bring together the aesthetic of a space. From ceramic to glass, metal to wood, the material options are diverse, ensuring that you find the perfect pair to complement your design.

1. Ceramic: Offering a classic feel, this material is perfect for a traditional bathroom style.

2. Glass: Often transparent and sleek, this choice works well in a contemporary space.

3. Metal: A chic option, made of either stainless steel or brushed nickel, this adds a touch of industrial charm to the bathroom.

4. Wood: Perfect for a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic, this material lends a warm, natural touch.

Remember, alignment in style and color fosters a visual harmony in your bathroom, enhancing the user experience along with the visual appeal.

Framed Artwork Display

framed artwork display

In transforming your bathroom counter into a mini art gallery, ensure pieces are resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Opting for framed waterproof prints and artwork behind glass will safeguard against splashes and humid conditions.

Landscape and abstract art, aquatic themes, or simplistic line drawings are particularly fitting. Leaning a smaller picture against the wall, or hanging it directly, adds personality.

Remember to coordinate colors with the rest of your bathroom decor for a cohesive look.

Bathroom Tray for Personal Items

bathroom tray for personal items

A well-organized bathroom tray can add functionality without sacrificing style. To accomplish this, start by selecting a tray that complements your bathroom’s overall theme – think of materials like glass for a modern look, rustic wood for a cozy feel, or ceramic for a classic touch.

Next, arrange your daily-use items like toothbrush, skincare products, and cosmetics neatly on the tray to keep them within easy reach.

Don’t forget to add a small decorative object, such as a figurine or a flower vase, to bring an element of visual interest.

You can also employ clear, miniature containers for small items like cotton balls or ear swabs, simultaneously ensuring tidiness and aesthetic appeal.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between utility and aesthetics. Too cluttered can look disorganized, but letter-perfect arrangement might make the items look unused.

Glass Vanity Canisters

glass vanity canisters

Glass vanity canisters not only serve a functional purpose but also add an element of elegance to your bathroom counter. Using them for cotton balls and swabs, bath salts, or even colorful soaps, creates an organized, visually pleasing arrangement.

Transparent, these canisters effortlessly display the contents, making it easy to see when supplies run low. Opt for canisters with decorative lids to add a unique charm. Canisters could be of varied sizes to accommodate different items, yet maintain the overall aesthetic when clubbed together. Nesting them can save space and elevate style.

Remember, the key is to balance functionality with aesthetics. A haphazardly clustered counter can overcrowd the space, whereas well-spaced, symmetrically placed canisters can produce a neat, sophisticated look. To enhance visual appeal, consider pairing them with an elegant mirrored tray, adding a dash of glamour to your bathroom decor.

Small Flower Vase

small flower vase

Selecting a vase that complements your bathroom’s color scheme aids in creating a cohesive look. Opt for robust blossoms like orchids or lilies that can cope with high humidity levels in the bathroom.

Ideally, vases should be small – you aren’t looking to compete with your other decor, just to add a touch of natural beauty. When choosing a location, consider places such as next to the sink or on a shelf – areas that won’t interfere with bathroom activities but are still visually pleasing.

Remember to refresh the water and flowers regularly to preserve the aesthetic appeal and minimize the risk of any unpleasant odors.

Decorative Towel Display

decorative towel display

When setting up a polished towel display, consider these points:

  • Choose plush, high-quality towels that complement the color scheme of the bathroom.
  • For an opulent look, roll towels and stack them horizontally, or fold them neatly and stack them vertically.
  • Incorporate a decorative towel bar, ring, or stand that matches the bathroom’s hardware for an added touch of elegance.
  • Use contrasting textures and colors for visual interest. For instance, pair a fluffy white towel with a smooth, dark-colored one.
  • If space permits, add an embellishment like a satin ribbon or a sprig of greenery for a personalized touch. Remember that less is often more when it comes to elegance.

Mini Bookshelf for Bathroom Reads

mini bookshelf for bathroom reads

To begin with, your shelf size should complement the counter and not overwhelm it. A narrow, vertical design can save space while providing ample room for a variety of readings. Magazines, poetry collections, or quick-read novellas are perfect choices.

To keep the area tidy, use attractive bookends. Wooden, glass, or metallic finishes add an aesthetic appeal. Remember to rotate your reads periodically to keep things fresh.

For a stylish touch, choose a color theme for your book covers to match the bathroom decor. Going for waterproof books or even investing in a small book cover can help keep your collection in good condition, considering the humid bathroom environment. Keep in mind, however, that this should cater to your personal taste and interest, after all, it’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to your bathroom decor.

Showcase of Seashells

showcase of seashells

Creating an irresistible coastal charm can be as simple as displaying a curated collection of seashells. Consider clear glass containers, either with a lid or open on top, to thoughtfully place your shell collection.

The types of shells could range from small intricate seashells to larger clam or scallop shells.

For another way to exhibit shells, embed them in a bar of clear glycerin soap. This approach not only showcases the shells’ beauty but also adds a practical element to your bathroom décor.

Finally, if containers and soap don’t align with your vision, simply scatter the seashells across the counter. Remember, the goal is to highlight their natural appeal, so avoid overcrowding.

Maintain balance and harmony with the rest of the bathroom’s design and other counter accessories.

Decorative Soap Bar Basket

decorative soap bar basket

Turning to an innovative product that doubles as display décor, consider a stylish basket suffused with an assortment of handcrafted soaps. Choose diverse colors and patterns that sync with your bathroom palette. Not only does this serve a practical use but also adds visual appeal to your counter.

The soaps may be artisanal or made at home, catering to personal preferences. It’s crucial the selected basket permits air circulation to maintain soap firmness. Include a variety of scents such as rose, lavender, or jasmine, which instill calming bathroom fragrances. Opt for soaps with botanical imprints or rolled soap-rosettes for an added artistic touch.

This approach results in a practical, stylish, and aromatic addition to your bathroom counter.

Basket of Rolled Towels

basket of rolled towels

A small basket filled with neatly rolled towels lends a neat, spa-like vibe to the countertop. Keep your color scheme in mind; white or neutral colored towels give a more calming, spa-like feel, while brightly colored towels can add a pop to your bathroom decor.

Baskets come in varied textures like rattan, bamboo or wire bins for a more modern touch. This also serves the practical purpose of having fresh towels at hand. Varying the size and number of towels according to the basket size is key. A rule of thumb – smaller baskets for guest bathrooms, and larger ones for family bathrooms.

Experimenting with towel colors according to the season is also a fun idea. Soft pastel shades for spring or vibrant hues for summer, the options are endless.

Aromatic Room Diffusers

aromatic room diffusers

Selecting the right scent can alter the complete ambience of your bathroom, making it a personal retreat. Aromatic room diffusers don’t just mask unwanted smells, but also create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

Tropical fragrances like coconut and vanilla can make your bathroom feel like a beach-side spa. Whereas refreshing scents such as mint or lemon can make the space feel clean and revitalized.

Remember to always pick diffusers packaged in aesthetic containers. These can range from sleek minimalistic designs to ornate glass bottles. Besides delivering pleasant fragrances, they also serve as a beautiful accessory, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom counter.

Maintain your diffuser by flipping the reeds every few days to keep the scent strong, and remember to replenish the fragrance oil when it runs low. This way, your bathroom remains aromatic and welcoming all the time.

Decorative Perfume Bottles

decorative perfume bottles

Aesthetics meets function when using perfume bottles as décor. Consider three main points:

1. Selection: Choose perfumes not only for their scent but also bottle design. Baccarat, Guerlain, and Chanel have iconic bottles that double as art pieces.

2. Display: Spread out perfume bottles instead of clustering them in one area. This prevents crowding and allows each piece to stand out.

3. Lighting: If placed near a light source or window, the bottles will glimmer, giving an added layer of glam to your counter.

Remember, these are not just perfume bottles, but personal expressions of scent and style. A careful selection and display undoubtedly transforms your bathroom counter from ordinary to extraordinary.

Antique Trinket Box

antique trinket box

An antique trinket box can pave the way for a unique design pull on your bathroom counter. It’s not only visually intriguing, but also practical for storing small items. Opt for a wooden or metal box to add warmth and texture to the space. Ensure it enhances the overall décor scheme of your bathroom to maintain a harmonious look.

1. Wooden Box: If your bathroom has a rustic or country-style décor, consider a vintage wooden box. The natural grain patterns and imperfections become focal points that imbue character.

2. Metal Box: A metal trinket box, whether in brass or silver, can add a touch of historical elegance. In a minimalist or modern bathroom, it introduces warmth and sophistication.

3. Practicality: Store essentials within reach, like hair ties or bobby pins.

4. Sizing: A beautifully carved small size box can beautify your counter without taking up too much space.

5. Theme Adaptation: Choose a box shape or decorating style that complements your bathroom’s theme, be it nautical, floral or art deco.

Remember, an antique trinket box isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s a design tool that serves a practical purpose while enhancing your bathroom’s visual appeal.

Themed Bathroom Figurines

themed bathroom figurines

Appealing to various aesthetic tastes, figurines offer a prominent method of introducing a theme. Be it marine life, floral, or abstract, the selection should enhance the room’s atmosphere rather than overwhelm. Opt for understated elegance with porcelain or crystal figurines, adding a touch of class.

For a kid-friendly twist, consider characters from well-loved cartoons. Always keep size in mind – while a statement piece can act as a focal point, smaller pieces should be in proportion to the counter size to avoid clutter.

When incorporating figurines, it’s crucial to maintain a balance. Too many can make the space seem busy and crowded, challenging the calming environment a bathroom should present. Pair them with other decorations in your chosen theme for a cohesive look. Remember to routinely clean these items, as bathrooms can accumulate residue from soap and water.

Beauty Product Styling

beauty product styling

Keeping your vanity clean and tidy while also aesthetically pleasing can indeed be a balancing act. With beauty products, the trick lies in thoughtful organization that doubles as a display. Choose your most-used items that also have attractive packaging. Create a harmonious look by coordinating their colors or using a complementary palette.

Consider using tiered trays, glass jars, or cake stands. They raise the profile of smaller items, so they’re easier to spot, and add vertical interest to your counter space.

Avoid clutter; remember less is more. A small, complementary tray can hold your everyday essentials like moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm. It’s useful and saves you from having to dig through drawers while also creating a lovely array to behold.

Lastly, be mindful of perfumes and other fragrance bottles. They offer an opportunity to add a touch of elegance and personality to your countertop. Display them proudly, but be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve the fragrance.

Monochrome Color Scheme

monochrome color scheme

Utilizing a single color for your bathroom counter remains timeless and sophisticated. Varying shades generate an appealing contrast without clashing.

Start by identifying a main shade that complements your bathroom’s current palette, then branch out to darker or lighter tones.

For example, a charcoal soap dispenser, an ashen toothbrush holder, and a silver trinket box can elegantly coexist on a sleek, white countertop.

To avoid monotony, play with different textures such as a glossy finish for the soap dispenser and a matte finish for the toothbrush holder.

This scheme, far from being dull, subtly draws the eye across your counter, offering an elegant, cohesive look.

Stack of Decorative Towels

stack of decorative towels

Is there really anything more soothing than a neat, cozy stack of plush towels? Offering not only functionality but aesthetics, the key here is careful selection and presentation.

  • Choose your towels carefully: Opt for quality materials like Egyptian or Turkish cotton which add a touch of luxury.
  • Play with color: Depending on your bathroom’s color scheme, you can opt for neutrals, pastels or even bold, vivid prints.
  • Arrange thoughtfully: Remember, the neater, the better. Make sure your towels are folded to the exact same size and are stacked evenly.
  • Rotate regularly: Keep your stack fresh with regular rotations, so all towels wear evenly and stay fluffy.
  • Add a personal touch: A satin ribbon, a dried piece of lavender, or other embellishments can transform your stack from functional to fabulous.

Indeed, a small change like this can instantly refresh your bathroom’s look!

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