Everyday Cooking Must-Haves Newlyweds Need in Their Kitchen

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Newlyweds have so many things to worry about, from where they’re going to live to setting up their families. One thing that often gets overlooked is the kitchen. You want a kitchen that’s stocked with all the necessary cooking utensils and basic ingredients for making a quick meal without having to go out and buy anything new.

Here are some essentials you should have in your kitchen before tying the knot!

Measuring with Precision

kitchen scale

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a recipe and having the measuring be off. This will affect how your food turns out, so if you care about cooking well, get yourself some accurate measuring utensils.

First of all, invest in a good set of measuring cups for dry ingredients like flour and sugar. Second, choose from a range of AWScales to measure everything with precision based on your cooking needs. Third, have a decent measuring jug for liquids.

Another essential item for your kitchen is a set of quality cabinets. Consider investing in RTA cabinets which are not only affordable but also high-quality and easy to assemble.

Measuring liquids is especially important when you’re baking. Fourth, and most important of all: a set of measuring spoons for small measurements like salt and spices! Accurate measurements will be the difference between a good meal and a great one.

Prepping Your Kitchen

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A good set of knives is essential for any cook. If you’re a beginner, it’s okay to start with a smaller budget but eventually invest in a good knife sharpener and expand your selection as you get more comfortable in the kitchen. You might want to have some other utensils ready for your use.

Although there are many kitchen tools to choose from, you should have at least a minimum set of tools needed to get by if one breaks or gets lost. These include at least 1 knife, a spoon, a ladle, tongs, and a spatula. You may also want other utensils like mixing spoons and measuring cups depending on what kind of food you want to make.

Shelving and Storage

When it comes time to bring home groceries or dishes after cooking, you’ll need somewhere to put them! First off, invest in good shelving if you don’t already have enough space for all your stuff. There are wire shelves that can be adjusted based on height so they’re versatile.

There are also cabinets with glass doors that make it easier to organize everything. If you find yourself running out of space, consider buying some stackable drawers for your kitchen or investing in a portable dishwasher. You may also want to have shelves above the countertops if you plan on having pots and pans hanging there.

A Spice Rack

It’s ideal to have a spice rack ready for your newlywed home. The best-case scenario is buying one that attaches to the edge of your kitchen shelves or cabinets, allowing you easy access. With spices, there are essentials like salt and pepper but it also depends on what kind of food you’re cooking.

There are many different spices out there, giving you more possibilities in terms of flavor profiles. For example, garam masala is an Indian spice that goes well with meat dishes while ginger powder can be used as a condiment or added to broth later on for flavor. You should also invest in some dried herbs like basil and oregano which you will use often when Italian or Greek cuisine comes to mind!


A dishwasher is a must-have in any kitchen. Nobody wants to wash dishes by hand all the time, especially newlyweds! Some dishwashers can be built-in underneath your countertops so you don’t have an eyesore when it isn’t being used.

You may also want to get a drying rack or dish drainer after the cycle is done. Also, don’t let yourself go hungry just because there’s no supermarket nearby!

A bread maker gives you fresh bread with minimal effort, making sure that you won’t need to skip on carbs. There are several recipes out there for the homemade dough but it might be easiest to start with pre-programmed settings for basic loaves until you’re more comfortable working with dough.

A microwave is essential if you don’t already have one, especially now that you’re living on your own. Some other appliances to consider are rice cookers (with multiple settings), coffee makers (depending on how picky of an eater/drinker you are), and slow cookers.

Many newlyweds overlook the kitchen because of all the other things to worry about. However, having these must-haves will make your life so much easier! From spices and utensils to appliances, you won’t have any problems cooking up delicious meals with ease. So, make sure to start researching what you need as a newlywed to make your kitchen as functional as it is beautiful!

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